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Why Companies are Increasingly Turning to Cleveland Dedicated Trucking

Dedicated trucking services can provide stability, efficiency, and cost savings to companies with consistent truckloads in relatively predictable freight lanes for fixed rates. Sometimes referred to as dedicated trucking, dedicated freight, dedicated transportation, or primary freight, these long-term contracts are basically the opposite of spot rate trucking (short-term, transactional freight pricing that reflects the real-time balance). Cleveland dedicated trucking contracts are ideal for established companies with fairly dependable demand.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute, the trucking industry as a whole hauls more than 10 billion tons of freight annually, comprising nearly 75 percent of the total domestic tonnage in the country. There are roughly 4 million registered tractor trailers in the U.S., with those based in the Midwest accounting for more than 40 percent.

Truckload markets are notoriously volatile, swinging from tight carrier capacity and high rates in one quarter to one where per-rate-mile and freight rate increases are scarce. Entering into a longer-term dedicated trucking contract can provide some much-needed cost dependability, as it locks in competitive rates and available trucks for the duration of the contract – typically 3-5 years.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers Cleveland dedicated trucking to Northeast Ohio customers seeking greater regularity in their supply chain.

Primary Benefits of Cleveland Dedicated Trucking

There are a number of reasons dedicated transportation has spiked in popularity. Among them:

  • Reduced fleet management responsibilities. When you sign a contract for dedicated trucking with a third-party logistics firm, you get lots of the same perks as a private fleet – without the hassle and cost. Instead, it’s the 3PL trucking company that shoulders the work of acquiring and maintaining trucks, hiring and training drivers and support staff, and keeping pace with safety and statutory requirements.
  • Stable pricing. Transportation rates are seemingly always in flux, thanks to unpredictable gas prices, labor shortages, updated safety rules, etc. For shippers, this often means coping with sudden cost spikes – on top of erratic trucking capacity. But if a shipper has a dedicated trucking delivery contract, their vulnerability to freight market fluctuations is substantially reduced. Furthermore, dedicated trucking reduces idle truck time, which also keeps costs in check.
  • Dependable delivery times. On Time Delivery & Warehouse prides itself on ensuring deliveries arrive intact, on time, every time. Customers with dedicated delivery trucking contracts have even greater assurances because their inbound/outbound shipments are already clearly mapped out. That allows for greater consistency with pickup and delivery times.
  • Guaranteed freight capacity. Dedicated transportation requires an established network and consistent routes. This translates to reliable services for shippers, who can depend on that guaranteed freight capacity as outlined in the contract.
  • Minimized liability. When customers opt for dedicated trucking services, routes are arranged for goods and products to move from Point A to Point B without other stops along the way (as there might be with less-than-truckload or spot rate deliveries). Fewer stops means less risk of delays and accidents, which in turn reduces shipper liability.
  • Greater customer satisfaction. When it comes to deliveries, speed and reliability are at the top of most customers’ priority lists. Dedicated trucking contracts help ensure you’re meeting – or exceeding – their expectations, which in turn boosts not only your bottom line but your reputation.

Cleveland dedicated trucking services hinge heavily on mutual trust. The carrier must commit to a certain amount of driver and trucking capacity, while the shipper commits to a certain amount of regular freight. If you’re considering a dedicated transportation arrangement, it’s important to carefully vet the reputation of the 3PL/carrier. Trucking is a tough business and supply chains are always changing. When a company has been in business for decades, it means they’ve gained customer confidence through successful navigation of challenge after challenge, year after year.

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Our Cleveland Trucking Company Navigates Pandemic-Driven Complexity

There is no question the coronavirus pandemic threw the logistics and trucking industry for a major loop – and we’re not entirely out of the woods yet. But our Cleveland trucking company is proud to have been part of a wheelhouse that has kept America moving during this crisis. We are emerging stronger for it, leading the way in navigating both market and regulatory complexities and helping our customers as they regain ground and keep their edge.

The fact of the matter is that to be successful in the trucking industry in the first place requires the ability to nimbly adapt to change. COVID-19 certainly presented more changes and challenges than usual. But we have worked to ensure the delivery process would continue to be as frictionless and safe as possible. This has allowed our clients to not only stay afloat, but to thrive.

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Cutting Driver Detention Times a Top Priority for Cleveland Trucking Service

The term “driver detention” in trucking refers to occasions when a trucker’s fastest route is delayed at the location of either pickup origin or delivery destination – costing the driver and other stakeholders time and money and posing possible safety risks on the road. Our Cleveland trucking service providers are familiar with the old adage, “If the wheels aren’t turning, truckers aren’t earning,” and work to address these issues to improve efficiency and capacity and keep costs in check.

Loading dock times longer than a two hours is considered a substantial delay, and it’s become a common issue weighing heavily on the trucking industry the last several years.

Research by DAT Solutions found more than 60 percent of truck drivers spend in excess of three hours at shipper docks for each loading/unloading. A white paper analysis by J.B. Hunt Transport

reported that, on average, only 6.5 of the total 11 hours of drive time available under federal Hours of Service rules are spent actually driving. Much of the rest spent waiting to load and unload.

Working with a Cleveland trucking service with warehousing and logistics capabilities can help to identify which issues and individual suppliers/receivers pose the most driver detention risk and work to reduce those risks.