Cleveland CFS Freight

Cleveland CFS Freight
For expeditious movement of import freight and export freight through Ohio, the Midwest, and beyond, On Time Delivery & Warehouse is a clear choice for Cleveland CFS Freight and Customs Examination Station services. 

As a customs-bonded warehouse, we’re held to stringent federal security and import compliance standards, as overseen by the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol. The proximity of our bonded CFS warehouse and Customs Exam Station to major intermodal transportation hubs in Northern Ohio (Cleveland Hopkins Airport, CFS Rail, Norfolk Southern Rail, Port of Cleveland, etc.) makes our site an especially attractive option for importers, exporters, and other shippers. Excellence in customer service and competitive pricing is what has kept our clients coming back year after year since 1981. 

Our Cleveland CFS Freight Services

  • Consolidation of Export Freight
  • Deconsolidation of Import Freight
  • Full Container Loads (FCL’s)
  • Less Than Container Loads (LCL’s)
  • Block & Brace Service
  • Product Segregation
  • Heavy & Oversize Load & Unload
  • Stack & Wrap Service
  • CFS Warehouse 
  • Efficient Transloading
  • Storage and Inventory Management
  • Value Added Services (ex: labeling, repackaging, quality control inspections, etc.)
  • Customs Examination Station / Customs Exam Station / Customs Clearance

By air, sea port, truck, or rail, On Time Delivery & Warehouse ensures all containerized freight is properly handled, inspected, documented, tracked, consolidated, deconsolidated, stored, and distributed.

From across the globe and around the corner, our customers have trusted us for nearly 50 years to take care of the technicalities and tough stuff that come with the territory of handling CFS freight. With each shipment, it’s our commitment to do the job quickly, accurately, and transparently – ensuring your freight moves intact, on time, every time.

Cleveland CFS freight

Your CFS Freight Choice Matters

Efficiency in international freight movement is central to the vitality of domestic and global markets. The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports foreign trade is expanding faster than our economy as a whole, a reflection of unprecedented and increasing global interconnectedness. 

But freight transport is no small task. There are roughly 17 million shipping containers in existence globally. Ensuring every single one is utilized efficiently – and in the right place at the right time – takes a lot of planning and coordination. Drop the ball with errors or poor forecasting, and you could be liable for the resulting delays, denied Customs clearance, product loss, fines, and even litigation. 

CFS warehousing saves shippers the hassle. 

CFS stands for “Container Freight Station.” It’s a facility where cargo shipments go to be consolidated, deconsolidated, stored, inspected, and prepared for the next leg of the journey. Most CFS facilities are located close to big ports, rail terminals, or other transport hubs, which helps facilitate quicker transfer and processing of inbound and outbound cargo via truck, plane, rail, or ship. 

Cleveland Container freight stations can help shippers streamline their supply chains by facilitating efficient, compliant receiving, loading/unloading, storage, inspection, documentation, and release. 

Two of the most in-demand Ohio CFS freight services are consolidation and deconsolidation: 

  • Deconsolidation - When a container arrives in a port or terminal, a CFS is usually the first stop because it needs to be deconsolidated. Container contents usually aren’t all going to the same place. They need to be taken out, unpacked, sorted, and prepared for the next leg of the journey (or their final destination). 
  • Consolidation - CFS facilities often receive smaller less-than-container shipments from multiple shippers. Those need to be containerized into full-container loads for faster, cost-effective transport. 

When a CFS warehouse also offers value-added services (kitting and assembly, labeling, producing coding and repacking, contract packaging and repackaging, etc.), it can help companies lower costs, reduce final mile delivery times, and boost their overall competitive advantage in global markets.

Cleveland CES

Ohio Customs Examination Station

In the case of imported goods, our customs-bonded CFS also offers a Customs Exam Station. Also known as a Centralized Examination Station, it’s where imported cargo is kept (and sometimes processed) while awaiting inspection and clearance from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Such facilities must meet tight security standards (among other rules) and are subject to regular inspections. 

Cargo can be taken out of port, but kept at a secure CES site for up to 5 years until the shipper is ready to fulfill the order. This minimizes the chances of stockouts or supply chain bottlenecks during demand swings. Plus, the shipper doesn’t have to pay import taxes unless/until the cargo is cleared for domestic distribution. If it ultimately doesn’t sell, shippers can export it from the CES without penalty. 

Companies are increasingly eyeing Cleveland, Ohio as a destination for container imports to establish more resilient supply chains while also easing some of the congestion common at larger coastal ports (Port of Los Angeles, Ports of Seattle and Tacoma, Port of Georgia, Ports of New York-New Jersey, Ports of South Carolina, etc.) 

The Port of Cleveland has been open to container imports for more than a decade, but is still vastly underutilized – particularly considering it can connect to roughly 50% of U.S. homes, businesses, and product makers within an 8-hour drive. 

Having a Cleveland CFS warehouse with a customs examination station helps ensure that no matter where your supply chain starts, it runs smoothly from here.

Your Top Choice for Cleveland CFS & CES

On Time Delivery & Warehouse is committed to providing top-tier Cleveland CFS warehouse, CFS Freight, and Customs Examination Station services in Ohio. Questions? Contact our logistics experts at (440) 826-4630 or send us an email.