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On Time Delivery & Warehouse is your trusted partner for import and export services, with management of freight moving to and from domestic ports and international ports.

As an established Cleveland container freight station (CFS), customs exam site (CES), and customs bonded warehouse, you have the assurance that your shipments are in good hands - and your goods will get where they need to go - intact, on time, every time.

Our International Ports Network

  • Port of Shanghai (including Yangshan, Wusongkou, and Waigaoquio)
  • Ningbo-Zhoushan Port
  • Port of Shenzhen
  • Port of QuingDao
  • Port of Tianjin
  • Port of Guanahou Harbour
  • Port of Busan, South Korea
  • Port of Singapore
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Jebel Ali
  • Port Klang, Malaysia
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On Site Services

Ports - Cleveland, Midwest, East Coast, International

Leveraging Local, National, and International Port Connections

When it comes to global trade, efficiency, reliability, and compliance are paramount - especially when managing the flow of shipments in and out of local, national, and international ports. 

On Time Delivery & Warehouse is strategically located near the Port of Cleveland, one of the largest ports on the Great Lakes. It’s recognized as a multimodal trade hub and “Gateway to America’s Heartland.” Our strategic routes to other ports elsewhere in the Midwest and along the U.S. East Coast are dialed in. 

Our clients have diverse needs for import/export, warehousing, shipping, and distribution. As a full service third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL) partner, we collaborate closely with both local and international ports to connect our clients to their goods - and their goods to their customers. Our ports network is integrated, transparent, and expansive.

Established port connections from Savannah to Shanghai allows us to minimize delays, expedite customs clearance, and facilitate faster turnaround times. The less time your shipments spend in a port, the quicker your goods can get to market (or whatever the next destination). 

We orchestrate the loading of your cargo, set up port pickups, and schedule deliveries. As an interstate carrier with a reliable fleet of large-capacity trucks (flatbeds, trailers, dry van, box trucks, etc.), we’re prepared to manage shipments to and from ports across the U.S.  - with domestic and international import/export freight handling, freight pickup, freight hauling, LCL freight, FTL freight, consolidation of export freight, deconsolidation of import freight, air freight and numerous other value-added services at our Cleveland customs bonded warehouse.

If your international imports aren’t immediately destined for the final customer, we also offer customs-bonded warehousing and centralized examination station services.

Ports - Cleveland, Midwest, East Coast, United States

Partnering With Ohio 3PL / 4PL for Port Shipping & Logistics

Among the benefits of partnering with our Cleveland 3PL / 4PL for port logistics: 

  • Access to global networks and infrastructure. We’re proud of the extensive networks and infrastructure we’ve built - ensuring our clients have access to a wide range of ports, transportation modes, and service providers. Our proximity to and relationships with local and international ports enables seamless coordination. We can also help clients optimize their export routes and choose the most cost-effective transport options for their needs - for faster shipments at lower costs.  
  • Expertise in customs compliance. Imports and exports must adhere to strict international, federal, and state regulations. But specific ports have their own operational procedures as well. Our working relationships with port authorities helps ensure compliance with port-specific rules in addition to formal statutes - minimizing the risk of delays, product losses, and penalties. 
  • Information exchange. 3PL providers maintain open communication and constant information exchange with port authorities. This allows us to be proactive in managing the flow of cargo - and either quickly resolving issues as they arise - if not avoiding them altogether. 
  • Risk mitigation and contingency planning. International trade is intrinsically volatile. There’s always the possibility that anything from natural disasters to geopolitical tensions to a global pandemic will put a wrench in your shipping routes. 3PL and 4PL companies can offer robust risk mitigation and contingency planning to better anticipate and respond to unforeseen events.
  • Optimized supply chain efficiency. Effective navigation of ports is essential to maintaining efficiency within your supply chain. 3PL and 4PL companies help minimize transit times by leveraging advances in technology, strategic partnerships, and optimized logistics processes to streamline port operations, expedite cargo clearance, and reduce dwell times. By minimizing bottlenecks and delays at the ports, businesses are able to achieve faster time-to-market, bolster inventory management functions, and enhance the overall performance of their supply chain. 
  • Greater customer satisfaction. Efficient port navigation ultimately translates to greater customer service. Your customers want goods to be delivered timely, transparently, and accurately. 3PL and 4PL operations can give their clients an edge on all these functions.

By offering efficient cargo management and handling at ports from South Carolina to Singapore, our Ohio 3PL port logistics experts play a vital role in helping keep our clients’ supply chains streamlined. We ensure the movement of our client’s cargo is compliant, transparent, safe, and effective - ultimately allowing them to stay competitive and even unlocking new opportunities in dynamic global markets. 

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