Last Mile Delivery in Ohio

last mile delivery in Ohio

Looking for the best last mile delivery in Ohio? The search stops here.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse is a trusted leader among last mile delivery companies in Northern Ohio. With more than 40 years of success in this industry, our customers have confidence they can count on us to get their goods where they need to go, with end-of-supply-chain services that are always fast, reliable, transparent, and cost effective.

What Last Mile Delivery Means and Why It Matters

Also known as "final mile delivery," last-mile delivery is the term used to describe a product's final journey from a transport hub to its actual destination - whether that's a home address, a grocery store, or other retailer.

Stacked up against all other steps in the supply chain, actual last mile delivery distance is typically the shortest. Yet it's consistently associated with the highest costs, potential complications, and customer stakes. Getting it right is key to staying ahead.

Here's what you need to know about last mile delivery in Ohio:

  • Customers care about it - a lot. An estimated 75% of consumers surveyed by Forbes said they would spend more and stay loyal to brands if they consistently get great last mile delivery service. They want to receive the right product on time, in good condition, at the correct address - and they want easy, real-time tracking along the way. In addition to same-day and next-day deliveries, some orders are expected to be fulfilled in just a few hours. Dropping the ball even once with last mile delivery can sever the customer relationship for good.
  • Costs can be considerable.  Ohio depends on world markets. But even when goods are shipped across oceans and over continents, it's the last mile customer delivery that's most costly. It can easily account for 50%+ of your total shipping expenses - even for international shipments. Last mile delivery costs and problems stem largely from the fact that there are inherently a lot of time-intensive components involved, such as: Gathering and packaging shipments together; Frequent stops at numerous addresses; Unexpected slowdowns due to traffic congestion, adverse weather, or route errors.
  • Competition is fierce. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates demand for local delivery drivers will rise 10% over the next decade - far faster than most other jobs. And the Journal of Commerce reported transportation providers are steadily increasing their spend on last mile delivery options for customers. Market researcher RegionalStat states the final mile delivery market is expected to expand 75% by 2030. Companies hoping to stay competitive can't afford NOT to make this a priority.

How We Handle Last Mile Delivery in Ohio

Outsourcing last mile delivery services is the ideal solution for most companies. Working with a 3pl and 4pl, customers get the benefit of having trained labor, maintained fleet, latest technology and streamlined routes already on deck.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse is committed to providing optimal last mile delivery in Ohio. We understand that in customer-facing roles like this, our work becomes a direct reflection of your company. We take your trust in us to heart.

Incoming shipments are intercepted by us at various regional pickup points after journeying by air, rail, or truck from origins all over the globe - through hubs like the Port of Shanghai, Port of Singapore, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port of Seattle and Tacoma, Port of New York/New Jersey, etc.

Once in Northern Ohio, shipments are retrieved from various pickup points within our extensive local logistics network. This includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Cleveland Airport (our import/export/domestic freight handlers are TSA certified, customs bonded)
  • CSX Intermodal in Bratenahal
  • Northern Southern Railway in Garfield Heights
  • Warehouse and distribution sites throughout Ohio

We ensure terminal handling charges are covered (if needed). Then depending on the origin, contents, and customer criteria, shipments may be sent out directly for same-day last mile delivery OR to our secure Cleveland warehouse and distribution facility for storage - with options for short or long-term, indoor/outdoor, FDA registered, heated, or Haz-Mat certified.

Value-added warehouse services onsite can also help facilitate smoother last mile delivery in Ohio. We offer consolidation services, product coding and repacking, kitting and labeling, and other distribution and fulfillment services. Relying on the latest technology for inventory management, we make sure orders are properly packed, packed, and tracked to meet demand for same-day and next-day deliveries.

To aid last mile delivery drivers on their daily routes, we also use:

  • Established SOP. With an established standard operating procedure, we set the expectations for management of load times, service times, performance benchmarks, safety standards, etc. This kind of system allows routine assessment and adjustment of productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced analytics. Inefficiency in routes can tack on 10% more drive time to last mile deliveries. We can minimize out-of-route miles with better planning through the use of advanced analytics technology. These systems provide dynamic vehicle routing, with real-time alerts and alternative routes when an issue arises. This kind of system  reduces truck idling time, carbon footprint, and gas expenses.
  • Effective tracking systems. Tracking freight in real time counts for customer transparency and communication, but also helps us quickly identify and resolve issues with lost or misplaced packages.

By partnering with an outside logistics firm to help with last mile delivery, you can expect decreased shipping costs, reduced overhead, and better customer satisfaction.

Questions about our Ohio last mile delivery services in the greater Cleveland area? Call us at (440) 826-4630 or request a quote!