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Cleveland trucking
An Ohio Trucking Company You Can Count On

Get your goods where they need to go – intact, on time, every time – with On Time Delivery & Warehouse, a top choice Cleveland trucking company since 1981. 

Our drivers are trained and certified. Our fleet is meticulously maintained and monitored. Our trucking and transportation services are insured and always highly-rated. 

Also a premier warehouse & distribution center, we’re your “whole package” logistics partners. Our Northern Ohio facility is customs-bonded, TSA certified, Haz-Mat certified, and FDA-registered with 17 docks for fast flow of your freight – no matter where it’s from or its final mile destination. 

From across the globe and around the corner, we recognize our trucking team’s work will directly reflect on your own. We never take your trust in us for granted. Our commitment to quality is why we’ve stayed steady in the lead when it comes to Cleveland trucking, delivery, warehousing, and 3pl services going on five decades strong.

Our Cleveland Trucking & Delivery Services:

  • 53’ & 48’ Trailers
  • Customs Bonded
  • Import/Export Freight Handlers (Import Freight Delivery / Export Freight Delivery)
  • Same Day & Next Day Service
  • 24’ & 26’ Box trucks
  • TSA Certified
  • Final Mile Delivery / Last Mile Delivery
  • Terminal Handling Payments to Container Freight Stations or Airlines for Freight Pick-up.
  • Interstate Carrier
  • Local Cartage
  • Pickup and Delivery in Ohio
  • Local Delivery
  • Freight Hauling
  • LCL Freight
  • FTL Freight
  • Truckload FTL (Full Truckload), LTL (Less Than Truckload) & LCL (Less Than Container Load)
  • Dedicated Services
  • Cleveland Delivery Company
  • Distribution
  • Domestic Freight Handlers
  • Air Freight Delivery
  • Ocean Freight Delivery
  • Delivery Appointment
  • Drayage
  • Dry Van
  • Hot Shot Service
  • Flatbed Delivery
  • Haz-Mat Certified
  • Trailer Spotting
  • Liftgate Deliveries

Looking for a Cleveland trucking & delivery service but don’t see it listed? Ask us! We're always working to ensure our services meet the ever-shifting needs of the enterprising industries we serve.

Cleveland Trucking That Goes the Extra Mile

Cleveland trucking & delivery

Trucking is an indispensable element of our economy. It’s what keeps grocery shelves stocked, hospital medicines pumping, electric grids buzzing – and much more. 

Trucks move nearly three-fourths of the nation’s freight by weight, according to the American Trucking Associations. There are more than 750,000 active motor carriers in the U.S., serving businesses of all sizes in pretty much every sector under the sun. 

Given their critical role, trucking company contracts should be chosen with care.

Many Cleveland trucking companies shine a heavy spotlight on capability and capacity. Those things are important. But adequate fleet size and basic competence should be just the starting point. 

The best trucking partners are those that consistently deliver well-organized, responsive, transparent, customer-oriented, and cost-effective services. They’re committed to compliance with all federal regulations and industry-specific standards. They also understand the dynamic nature of global shipping and supply chains, and proactively invest in accurate forecasting, route planning, and safety initiatives. 

The Midwest region serves as a vital supply chain link to numerous regions across industries. Ohio trucking businesses are central to that. 

On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers:

  • Regional trucking. Offering efficient transportation of freight within Ohio and other Midwestern states. 
  • Local delivery. Our final mile delivery / last mile delivery services in the Cleveland metro area are second to none. We offer same-day and next-day service. 
  • Dedicated fleet services. Looking for Cleveland dedicated trucks and drivers exclusively for your regular operations? Look no further. We can also help optimize your routes and delivery schedules to maximize your ROI.
  • Specialized transportation. Have a heavy load? Transporting hazardous cargo? Need fast processing of time-sensitive imports? If your cargo requires special handling, documentation, or processing, we’ve got you covered.  

With the right trucking company, you’ll have more opportunities to take the competitive lead in your industry.

Contracting With 4PL & 3PL Ohio Trucking Companies

trucking companies Cleveland

When trucking companies can also provide 3pl and 4pl warehousing and planning, clients get a one-stop-shop option for coordinated logistics and streamlined transportation. Turnkey trucking services mean you can focus on the core competencies that made your operation successful in the first place.

Among the many upsides of a contract with a Cleveland trucking company staffed with a skilled logistics team:

  • Greater guaranteed capacity. 3PL and 4PL trucking companies can give customers access to a larger network of carriers and transport capacity. This helps ensure reliable and efficient transportation of your freight – even during peak demand periods. 
  • Expert logistics insight. Trucking logistics specialists have the kind of in-depth knowledge that can help optimize your trucking operations. This includes route planning, load optimization, carrier selection, and transport management technology. 
  • Risk mitigation. Trucking is a high-risk, high regulation industry. Outsourcing to a third-party logistics trucking company relieves your operation of direct responsibility for things like driver hiring/supervising, fleet management, carrier compliance, etc.
  • Flexibility and scalability. Seasons, styles, customer demographics – they’re always shifting. 4PL and 3PL trucking companies can offer scalable and flexible trucking solutions for easier adaptation to changing demands – without huge capital investments. 

Don’t trust your deliveries to just anyone. Strategic partnership with a top-rated trucking company can make all the difference in making sure your goods get where they need to go – intact, on time, every time. 

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