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Need a Lift? Advantages of Cleveland Trucking With Liftgate Services

Incorporating liftgate services into Cleveland trucking logistics is a leg-up for customers who need extra assistance with loading an unloading – particularly with goods that are heavy, oversized, or can’t be easily manually handled.

Liftgate delivery is an add-on service offered by Cleveland trucking companies and other freight carriers to pick up and delivery freight. It involves the use of a hydraulic lift (i.e., the liftgate) that’s installed on the back end of a truck. It lifts packages and other material goods from ground level to truck level and back. Most are stowed beneath the rear of the vehicle when not in use, allowing for full access to the rear door when they’re folded up.

You may have heard from long-time business owners that liftgates can be a pain. In the past, it’s true that many were plagued with constant maintenance and power issues. But such problems have become largely non-existent as technology has improved.

Liftgates can allow for lifting heavier loads than ramps. They also tend to be safer and more efficient for drivers to operate. Ramps can be great for a truckload of light cargo, particularly at locations with a loading dock. But for with anything heavier or outside of a loading dock area, a liftgate is the easy choice. Unlike ramps that need to be manually dragged out and lifted back up, liftgates are operated with the touch of a button. Liftgates also only need about 5 feet of space behind them, whereas ramps require about 15 feet of clearance.

Many small-scale businesses, particularly those that require delivery to residential destinations, don’t have a docking service for safe loading and unloading of freight. It’s also ideal for commercial and construction sites or any other location where there is no loading dock availability. If the load weighs 150+ pounds and there’s no other equipment for loading/unloading, you need a liftgate for your Cleveland truck deliveries.

Cleveland trucking company with liftgate delivery services

Cost-Benefit of Liftgate Delivery With Cleveland Trucking

Liftgate delivery services will come with a higher price tag. But for those who need it, liftgate services can actually provide cost savings. Among these:

  • Injury prevention. Lifting heavy loads or materials without the proper equipment and technique can lead to serious workplace injuries. Employers and deliveries are adversely impacted by this as well. With liftgate services, you protect your people and your freight.
  • Lower labor costs. Proper lifting of heavy or awkward-sized loads sometimes requires more than one worker. A truck equipped with a liftgate can reduce the number of workers needed to safely move your packages.
  • Driver retention. Going up and down a ramp multiple times with a sizable load – even with a dolly – can wreck havoc on the knees, joints, and back. Drivers may be more likely to take a job – and stay on it – if the truck they’re operating uses a liftgate.
  • Damage avoidance. Freight that isn’t loaded/unloaded with care by your Cleveland trucking service has a greater potential to be damaged. Loss of damaged goods – and the delays and costs associated with a whole new delivery – often far outweigh the add-on cost of liftgate deliveries.
  • Expanded delivery options. When you are limited to delivery destinations with loading docks or other infrastructure designed for smooth freight handling, you might miss out on faster, more efficient delivery routes.
  • Versatility in freight handling. If you have large or oddly-shaped deliveries, you may be limited in your Cleveland trucking service options unless you secure one with a liftgate.
  • Improved customer satisfaction. Shippers offering last-mile delivery are often able to reach more customers, safely bringing goods direct to their door, when they’re using a truck with a liftgate.

Liftgates can last up to 10 years, but they may require quarterly maintenance (or every 3,000 cycles), though it’s generally minimal if you kept up with. By working with a dedicated Cleveland trucking service with a lift-gate delivery as an add-on, you get all the benefits while leaving the purchase, maintenance, training, and labor to us.

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