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3PL Trucking Companies in Ohio Invest Heavily in Safety, Risk Avoidance

As substantially as societies rely on trucking, it remains a risk-prone industry. Constant concern about driver safety and retention, adverse weather, poor road conditions, vehicle breakdowns and cargo theft means 3PL (third-party logistics) trucking companies in Ohio must not only adhere to strict federal operating guidelines but also continually invest in safety. According to a recent analysis by the American Trucking Associations, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

A new ATA study shows the trucking industry invests $14 billion every single year in training, technology, and other initiatives aimed specifically at highway safety.

“Risk avoidance in trucking has been an ongoing discussion, but trucking companies in Ohio are actually putting their money where their mouth is,” On Time Delivery & Warehouse CEO Anthony Figliano said. “We’re doing the work every day, but also investing in long-term initiatives that not only secure our client’s shipments, but ultimately make the roads safer.”

The ATA analysis indicated the $14 billion safety initiative expenditures in 2022 was 40% higher than the last time the survey of fleet owners and truck carriers of all sizes was conducted seven years earlier. Such numbers are reflective of the fact that the industry is going above and beyond mere regulatory compliance investments.

Third-party logistics trucking companies in Ohio are paying for things like:

  • Additional training for all drivers, not just the novices.
  • Safer driving practice incentives.
  • The latest technologies that track trucker driving schedules and behaviors and boost crash avoidance.
  • Safety-related fleet maintenance.

There are nearly 14 million large trucks in the U.S., representing 5% of all registered motor vehicles but responsible for moving nearly two-thirds of the country’s freight. As of this spring, there were 750,000 motor carriers in the U.S. employing some 8.4 million people (excluding those who are self-employed).

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Working With Trucking Companies in Ohio That Prioritize Safety

Safe trucking practices don’t “just happen.” They’re part of an intentional, strategic effort. Given the scope of such efforts, many shippers conclude it’s easier and more effective (generally and cost-wise) to outsource trucking services to a third-party – particularly one that also provides logistics support.

At On Time Delivery & Warehouse, our safety investments include:

  • Fleet safety tech The fleet itself can be armored with tech like lane departure warning devices, collision avoidance systems, and telematics. We can glean real-time data not only on vehicle performance but driver data. Shippers in turn get greater transparency on the condition and location of their shipment. This tech, combined with the expertise of our logistics teams, can minimize the risk of risk delays and cargo damage.
  • Driver education & training. Truck drivers must meet certain aptitude requirements before they’re even allowed on the road. But top trucking companies in Ohio view driver education as a continuous process. Ongoing education courses can help boost driver skills and awareness. Research shows continuing driver education contributes to fewer accidents, less cargo damage, greater adherence to safety regulations, and better on-time delivery track records.
  • Safety compliance. Standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) aren’t mere suggestions. Trucking carriers must abide hours-of-service regulations and regular schedules for vehicle inspections and maintenance. Working with 3PL trucking carriers gives shippers peace of mind that transport of their goods meets all the legal requirements, and thus they’re less likely to face regulatory-related fines and delays.
  • Load securement apparatus. Proper cargo loading is one of those things that requires time, labor, training, and the right tools, such as tie-downs and straps. This minimizes the odds of damage during transit.
  • A plan for the unplanned. Anyone in logistics knows expecting the unexpected is an imperative. Warehouse bottlenecks, highway traffic jams, sudden adverse weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns – any of these are possible. Ohio trucking companies with logistics capabilities can help minimize the impact of unforeseen problems. In addition to emergency protocol, we have contingency plans and alternate routes already mapped. And customers can see our maneuvering in real time.

By partnering with a 3PL trucking company that prioritizes safety above and beyond regulatory compliance, shipping companies can maximize efficiency, protect their goods, and improve customer satisfaction with intact, on-time deliveries.

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