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Understanding The Who The How The What & The Why of On Time Delivery & Warehouse


Delivery Warehouse & Distribution - Logistics is a multi-national, high stakes enterprise that continues to shift and grow every day. It pushes beyond boundaries and moves swiftly through multiple timezones.


On Time Delivery & Warehouse has grown with it, all at once keeping up with the ever shifting landscape, while remaining steadfast, ahead of the curve. 35 years and counting, we’re poised to keep moving, On Time, All The Time, Every Time.


How did On Time Delivery & Warehouse become Cleveland’s premier Distribution, Delivery & Container Freight Station? How have we managed to sustain the trust of our clients year after year while the surrounding markets shift and expand?

The answer is simple. We’ve earned these distinctions over time through efficiency, reliability, friendliness, and a passion for living up to our name. Time is our specialty, and we’re devoted to the same principles today as the day we were founded.

35 Years and counting

OTDW: Providing Cleveland Logistics Services for 35 Years and CountingIn order to truly understand where we’re going, we need to take a look at where we’ve been.

The year was 1981, and the world was getting smaller, fast. The 70’s were just barely over, Ronald Reagan had just become our nation’s 40th President, the cold war was at its peak, and the Ford Pinto was still in production. It was a time of extreme highs and lows for the country and the globe. Into this world of uncertainty steps Tony Figliano with a cargo van for his fleet, and a two car garage for a warehouse.

Putting his best foot forward and placing a high premium on good customer service and a sense of fairness, Tony set out to build something good. He instinctively treated his customers the way he himself wanted to be treated - honestly, courteously, fairly. This set him apart from the competition. Dad set the gold standard back in those early days, and we continue to follow in his footsteps today. It makes no difference if you’re budget is big or small, everybody gets a fair shake with On Time Delivery & Warehouse.

That two car garage has since grown into a secure, heated, bonded and FDA registered International Logistics Hub spanning 90,000 square feet. Complete with 25 foot ceilings, 17 docks, and multiple forklifts and doors, On Time Delivery & Warehouse is Cleveland’s premier 3PL Distribution Center and Container Freight Station. Load it. Unload it. Pick up & Delivery, Cross Docking, Transloading, Warehouse Fulfillment Services, Short & Long Term Storage, Material Handling, Inventory Management, Warehousing. Bring it on. Our facility is built for volume, high, low, and everything in between. Plus we offer 4,000 square feet of office space, available now for lease.

As for Dad’s cargo van, well that’s since grown into a hot fleet of tractor trailers, box trucks & flatbeds.

Present - Delivery Warehouse & Distribution

Today Tony’s legacy extends to an army On Time Drivers, every one of them Haz-mat certified, TSA accredited, and equipped with the latest technology for ultra connectivity. Supporting them is an entire outfit of competent administrative & warehouse personnel, cut from the same cloth as Tony himself.

Located in Middleburg Heights just around the corner from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, The Port of Cleveland and CSX & Norfolk Southern Rail Yards, our home base can process cargo and freight from any direction, any source, and at any time all under one roof. Truck, Trailer, Machinery, Containers - park it with us, we have plenty of outdoor storage as well. Our Logistics Hub spans eight acres, and our capabilities run the gamut. Big cargo, small cargo, daily UPS & FedEx Shipments, full tilt rail loads. Pallets, loose drums, floor loads or long, heavy crates - Whatever shape it’s in, we can can take it, turn it around, and get it to it’s destination on time, all the time, every time.

Future - We’re poised to keep moving

The world is more connected than ever before, and the markets continue to shift on a global scale. For 35 years and counting, On Time Delivery & Warehouse has kept pace with the ever changing Logistics landscape. The future gets written every day. And the next chapter begins with what we can do for you. We’re still here, On Time, all the time, every time. We look forward to helping you manage your next shipment, because time is our specialty.

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