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Cleveland office space rental Cleveland public warehousing

For many businesses, finding the right space and maximizing every inch is a challenge. Purchasing commercial property can be a risk, especially if you’re just starting out or have routine fluctuations in demand and space needs. On Time Delivery & Warehouse has the solution: Cleveland public warehouse space rentals and Cleveland office space leasing. 

In total, we have:

  • 10,000 sq. ft. office space for rent
  • 90,000 sq. feet warehousing space (public warehousing & dedicated warehousing)
  • 5 acres of secure outdoor storage

Why Choose Us for Public Warehousing and Office Space Rentals

On Time Delivery & Warehouse is the perfect place to set up shop. 

Our 3PL warehousing, distribution, and office space rental facility is conveniently located in Middleburg Heights, 20 minutes southeast of Cleveland, just off I-71. We offer affordable rates for shared warehousing rentals (aka public warehousing) and office space leases. Contracts are customized, so customers only pay for what they need, when they need, for however long they need.

Our office space and public warehousing leases are available ala carte or bundled for the best deal. Customers can choose from: 

  • Office space rental only (full-time and/or part-time)
  • Public warehousing rental only
  • Lease both office space and public warehousing
  • Third-party logistics services

You can manage your own warehouse and distribution teams onsite, or hand off those duties to us. We’re FDA registered and provide CFS and CES warehouse services, as well as delivery/trucking. As a customs-bonded facility, we maintain the highest standards for safety, maintenance, and security - and pride ourselves on always delivering the best customer service.

Benefits of Renting Public Warehousing and/or Office Space

Cleveland public warehousing rental

For many organizations, leasing makes more sense than buying when it comes to office and warehouse space. This is particularly true for operations that are newer or require some level of scalability, flexibility, or value-added services.

Even if the long-term goal is to someday buy your own dedicated commercial property, renting for a while is a smart strategy that allows companies to save money while monitoring local real estate markets and getting a better sense of how much room they actually need. (You don’t want to learn the hard way after buying that you over- or underestimated space requirements.) 

Commercial property in Ohio is expensive. Plus it comes with a fair amount of risk and liability once you’ve bought it. Property owners are expected to keep up with maintenance, anticipate and promptly address safety and security issues, and cover utilities, taxes, insurance, and more. When you lease office space, most of those responsibilities aren’t on your shoulders.

When your offices are on the same site as your warehouse operations, it can make collaboration, inventory management, distribution, and responsive customer service that much easier. 

Others who find our office space leases ideal for companies that:

  • Have hybrid workforces. According to the EY’s Future Workplace Index, 60% of companies are operating in a hybrid work model, mixing in-person and remote work. On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers annual office space lease contracts.
  • Are seeking shared office space rentals. Increasingly, companies are relying less on full-time, dedicated work stations and equipment. With office space rentals, workers might bring in their own laptops or tablets, while desks, chairs, meeting tables, conference rooms, printers, and other office staples may be shared with other firms to cut down on costs. They may alternate days/weeks, or work alongside each other if both are only using part of the space most of the time.
  • Are setting up a satellite office. If you’re headquartered elsewhere but looking to gain a foothold in Midwest markets, OTDW is a great solution - short- or long-term. 
  • Want to establish an office closer to a thriving labor market. Ohio has a wealth of skilled workers - many of whom enjoy the affordability, beautiful parks, friendly Midwest culture, and overall quality of life here. They have families, homes, close community ties, and would prefer to stay close if they can. Rented office space near Cleveland allows companies to tap into these valuable labor pools and give employees the option to stay closer to “the heart of it all.” 
  • Are just starting out. Launching a new business is overwhelming enough without also becoming a commercial property owner. Renting office space gives you the flexibility to scale as needed without a huge investment or commitment. 

With onsite public warehousing and rented office space, companies secure a physical presence in a strategic location, making collaboration, storage, inventory management, and distribution that much easier.

Cleveland public warehousing rental

Cleveland Public Warehouse Space for Rent

We strive to offer as many options as possible for our Cleveland warehousing customers. Features and services of our facility include:

  • Heated space
  • Cold storage
  • 25-foot ceilings
  • 17 doors to load & unload
  • FDA registered warehousing
  • CFS freight
  • Centralized Examination Station (CES) option
  • Around-the-clock security

Public warehousing customers are welcome to handle their own inventory management, order fulfillment, and distribution/delivery services - or contract with our expert logistics team to take care of it. We have 24/7 online accessible inventory management and a long list of value-added services, including (but not limited to):

  • product coding and packing
  • kitting, labeling, assembling
  • contract packaging and repackaging
  • devanning, consolidation
  • deconsolidation

Lease contracts are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. On Time Delivery and Warehouse provides options for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual storage space rentals and warehousing services.

Cleveland office space rental

Office Space Rentals Near Cleveland

Make our office space your own. 

Whether you’re solely seeking office space or looking to centralize your administration and warehouse/distribution teams, On Time Delivery & Warehouse has already invested in the office infrastructure - so you don’t have to. 

Our clients sidestep the costs associated with building or leasing standalone office spaces. Instead, they can take advantage of our existing facilities - sometimes sharing space with other companies where that makes sense. 

As a 3PL, we offer flexibility with office space requirements.. We also adhere to rigorous industry standards and regulations to ensure compliance with safety, security, and environmental requirements. This ultimately reduces your risk, allowing you to focus on core competencies. 

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here, just ask! Our goal is to ensure our spaces and services always meet the needs of our valued customers. 

Need more information about leasing Cleveland Public Warehouse space or Office Space rentals?  Contact us today!