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Local delivery is to logistics what the “anchor leg” is to a relay race. That final sprint is the shortest distance, but race experts widely tout it as being the most impactful - often entrusted to the team’s fastest and/or most reliable runner. Putting the quickest athlete in the final spot allows the team to make up for lost ground and/or maintain a lead.

It’s the same with local delivery in Cleveland logistics. 

In a relay race, a gold medal is on the line. In third-party logistics, it’s our clients’ reputation, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. We take our role in that very seriously.

Companies too often dedicate substantial resources to those earlier legs of logistics: Sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, interstate trucking, warehousing, kitting, labeling, and packaging – only to drop the baton on local delivery. This can prove fatal for their future.

According to a recent U.S. consumer survey published by Forbes Magazine, exceptional local delivery is emerging as THE critical element that can make-or-break consumer loyalty. Consumers want quality and competitive pricing - but they also want it delivered quickly and accurately. They may lean toward low-cost or free shipping options if it means they have to wait another day or so - but typically still no longer than 4 days tops. They also care more than ever about real-time tracking - knowing precisely where their package is and the exact timing of its arrival.

A staggering 85% of customers surveyed said they wouldn’t shop with a retailer again if they had just one poor delivery experience. No longer is great local delivery a mere service enhancement. It’s a strategic imperative. 

At On Time Delivery & Warehouse, we pride ourselves on providing the very best Cleveland, Ohio local delivery service for customers of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. From across the globe to around the corner, we ensure your goods are delivered intact, on time, every time.

Local Delivery is the Most Challenging & Costly Leg of Your Supply Chain

Whether your goods are being shipped from Singapore or South Carolina, one thing you can pretty much always count on is that your local delivery - in Ohio and elsewhere - will likely be the most challenging and costly part of getting your cargo where it needs to go.

Local delivery involves the movement of goods from a distribution center or local hub (such as the warehouse & distribution center at On Time Delivery & Warehouse in Middleburg Heights) to the end recipient, usually a residence, business or retail location. 

The last mile is often fraught with logistical hurdles that can impact speed, accuracy, cost, and customer satisfaction. What’s more, recent estimates indicate that local delivery on average accounts for more than half of overall shipping and delivery costs - a figure that’s risen more than 10% since the pandemic. 

A few reasons why: 

  • Huge e-commerce market growth. E-commerce sales recently topped $1 trillion globally for the first time ever.
  • Rising customer expectations for rapid delivery. Same day and next day delivery are no longer nice options; they’re critical if you want to stay competitive. 
  • Difficult navigation of complex urban environments. Factors include dense populations, congested streets, limited parking, construction, etc. 
  • Far distances between rural stops. Ohio local delivery drivers in more rural areas may have many miles between stops. Just a few deliveries can burn a lot of fuel and potentially take all day.
  • Door-to-door service is time-consuming. Drivers are dealing with many stops, one right after the other. Frequent getting out, retrieving the package, checking the delivery instructions, heading up and down stairs and walkways, documenting the drop off, obtaining signatures, etc. 
  • Planning efficient routes with qualified drivers in safe vehicles on short notice. Drivers and logistics teams need to be very strategic in mapping out the most efficient routes - despite only having just received the orders.

Failed local deliveries can contribute substantially to overall shipping costs. 

Outsourcing Your Ohio Local Delivery to 3PL

Recognizing the high stakes and difficulties involved, many companies are turning to dedicated third-party logistics and fourth-party logistics partners to manage their Ohio local delivery services. 3PL and 4PL partners can leverage advanced technology, optimized local route planning, and a network of local couriers and delivery partners to help ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of your goods to the doorsteps of your customers. 

Some of what our customers can expect with our Cleveland local delivery services:

  • Flexible delivery options. This includes same day, next day, and scheduled delivery windows, as well as evening or weekend delivery slots - meaning more convenience and choices for your customers. 
  • Real-time tracking and visibility. Our advanced tracking tech allows us to monitor the status of your deliveries in real time - from order confirmation to package pickup to final delivery. 
  • Scalable solutions. You can invest in the world’s greatest market forecasting tools and still sometimes be caught off-guard with demand fluctuations. Or maybe you know you’re going to be up against seasonal shifts. In any case, the option for scalable local delivery services means you only pay for what you need, when you need it. 
  • Route optimization. It’s not enough to have a GPS system. Local delivery route optimization takes into account local traffic patterns, ideal delivery windows, and package sizes. By maximizing local route efficiencies, we can keep fuel and labor costs lower, minimize travel time and distance, and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

The speed and accuracy of your local delivery services has to be a top priority if you want to gain or maintain a competitive edge. On Time Delivery & Warehouse can help. 

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