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Final Mile Delivery in Ohio – Getting a Leg Up on the Last Leg

Final mile delivery is widely recognized as the most challenging link in the most supply chains. Factors like time sensitivity, complex delivery routes and customer expectations for quick service mean there’s a lot of room for something to go sideways. Relying on a trusted third party for final mile delivery in Ohio can help save businesses time, money and the fallout of customer dissatisfaction.

Also known as last-mile delivery, final mile delivery refers to the transportation and delivery of goods from a distribution center or warehouse to the end destination – usually a residential or commercial address where customers receive the shipment.

Increasingly, consumers expect delivery to be fast and cheap (if not free) – especially those using ecommerce platforms. Some surveys have shown consumers will go out of their way to avoid a retailer after just one poor delivery experience. On the flip side, 75% are willing to spend a bit more and show more brand loyalty if they’ve had an excellent final mile delivery experience.

Getting it right is critical for retailers, logistics companies, manufacturers and others to stay competitive.

Market researcher RationalStat reported the global final mile delivery market is expected to grow from $80 billion to $138 billion by 2030. Key market drivers include e-commerce expansion, shifting customer expectations and technology advances.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse is committed to superior service for final mile delivery in Ohio. We have 54′ and 48′ trailers, 24′ and 26′ box trucks and flatbeds, and offer same day and next-day delivery with full truckload and less-than-truckload.

Addressing the Final Mile Delivery Problem

You may have heard of the “final mile delivery problem” or “last-mile delivery problem.” It refers to the difficulty of squaring climbing customer expectations for expeditious deliveries with the reality that the last leg of the journey – whether it’s a few miles or a few blocks – is often fraught with bottlenecks and roadblocks (sometimes literally).

As explained recently by Forbes, a product can be designed and manufactured in Asia, shipped all the way across the Pacific Ocean, be loaded on a truck and driven to a Midwest warehouse. And all of that will cost roughly the same as the last mile delivery – just getting the product from that warehouse to its final destination on the customer’s doorstep.

Keep in mind: Last-mile delivery isn’t just a single action. It’s a series of steps, and all of them have to go off without a hitch in short order for successful delivery.

Among these steps:

  • Sorting. Before goods can be shipped from a warehouse/distribution center, they need to be sorted. Usually this is done based on destination region, postal code, or specific routes.
  • Route optimization. Advanced software can help map delivery routes to maximize efficiency. These factor in not only the physical distance, but areas and times of heavy traffic, wide gaps between rural drop-offs, etc.
  • Loading. It’s not so simple as just piling it all onto a truck. Goods must be both safely and efficiently packed to minimize damage during transit and make it easier to quickly retrieve each specific package when it’s time to offload it.
  • Delivery. This requires a fleet of safe vehicles and qualified drivers, who must not only get there but check the specific delivery instructions and ensure the package actually makes it intact to its final destination.
  • Real time tracking. Customers increasingly expect real-time tracking of their orders. This transparency allows them to plan. It’s especially important for those expecting large deliveries or expensive ticket items; they don’t want their package languishing on in front of their home or business for hours, risking theft or damage.
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Outsourcing Final Mile Delivery in Ohio Can Improve Efficiency

One way to make sure your deliveries make it through the last-mile gauntlet intact, on time, every time is to outsource final mile delivery services to a trusted 3PL or 4PL trucking service. Customers get the benefit of an existing fleet, safe drivers, diversified carrier resources and optimized local routes that are ready-to-go.

At On Time Delivery and Warehouse, our Ohio final mile delivery services are streamlined to help reduce operational costs while ensuring product protection, tracking transparency and customer satisfaction.

Over 40+ years, we’ve maintained some of the highest client ratings in the region – in part because we’re not content to rest on our laurels. We routinely analyze delivery performance, flag potential inefficiencies and invest in both the team and tools necessary to provide the best possible service at the best possible rates.

If you have questions about our reach and rates on final mile delivery services in Ohio, give us a call at (440) 826-4630 or request a quote!

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