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Looking for a Local Delivery Company? Inquire About These Key Qualities.

Outsourcing last-mile deliveries to a local delivery company has become increasingly common in many industries, given both the importance and complications known to arise in the last leg of the journey.

A recent analysis by McKinsey revealed nearly half of consumers would abandon an online shopping card if shipping times were longer than expected. Expectations of expedience have only grown more stringent in recent years, and there’s much at stake: E-commerce sales recently topped $1 trillion globally for the first time ever.

At the same time, building and scaling local delivery is a daunting prospect – especially if it’s not your expertise. Some of the ongoing responsibilities include: Buying/renting delivery vehicles, hiring and supervising qualified drivers, fleet maintenance, safety checks, route optimization, etc. These tasks are never one-and-done. It’s not realistic for a lot of companies, which is why so many opt for outsourcing.

Examples of businesses/industries that rely heavily on high-quality local delivery services:

  • Retail businesses
  • E-commerce companies
  • Restaurants and food distributors
  • Medical facilities
  • Manufacturers and suppliers

As a longtime Cleveland local delivery company, we know this isn’t the place to cut corners (not if you want to keep customers). Deliveries need to arrive intact, on time, every time. Hiring a reputable local delivery company with reasonable rates is the best way to achieve that.

Ohio local delivery company

Choosing the Best Local Delivery Company

The precise checklist for the best local delivery company will vary from business to business – because everyone’s needs may be a little different, depending on their industry, size, and operations model.

That said, some of the criteria we recommend for companies across-the-board include:

  • Regional reach. The local delivery company you’re considering should have the coverage needed to reach your customers – not just currently, but into the future. Contracting with a delivery company already structured to reach a geographic region larger than you need right now gives you room for growth. If/when your customer base expands, you won’t be scrambling to find a new local delivery service partner.
  • Realistic capability. Not all local delivery companies are equipped to handle all goods. Inquire about the delivery company’s capabilities with respect to specific products, order types, weights, sizes, shapes, security, temperature controls, etc. Also – consider that urban local deliveries in particular can pose a lot of challenges (i.e., lots of small stops, navigation issues, address errors, traffic congestion, etc.). If you require last-mile delivery to a number of urban-area customers, make sure the local delivery company you hire has the capability to effectively handle these additional challenges.
  • Room to grow. Here again, companies need to consider future capacity. You don’t need a crystal ball to know it’s possible demand for your products could increase. If that happens, you want assurance that the local delivery company you partner with can take on that additional capacity with the same efficiency.
  • Reasonable rates. Lots of factors influence last mile/local delivery rates, but they should always be reasonable. Transparency can be a helpful trust-builder here. Ask for a breakdown of costs and how rates are set.
  • Recommendations. A local delivery company that is trusted in the community is going to have established a strong customer base and come highly-recommended
  • Responsive service. Communication is key in any business relationship. This is especially true when time is of the essence. It’s not just about hiring qualified people, but also providing transparency through technology with features like real-time tracking and digital notifications.

Through careful evaluation of these key qualities, businesses can sift through their options and identify a local delivery company whose services align with their needs and values. Strong logistics strategies lead to streamlined costs and happy customers.

If you have questions about our Cleveland, Ohio local delivery company services, give us a call at (440) 826-4630 or request a quote!

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