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Our Cleveland Trucking Company Navigates Pandemic-Driven Complexity

There is no question the coronavirus pandemic threw the logistics and trucking industry for a major loop – and we’re not entirely out of the woods yet. But our Cleveland trucking company is proud to have been part of a wheelhouse that has kept America moving during this crisis. We are emerging stronger for it, leading the way in navigating both market and regulatory complexities and helping our customers as they regain ground and keep their edge.

The fact of the matter is that to be successful in the trucking industry in the first place requires the ability to nimbly adapt to change. COVID-19 certainly presented more changes and challenges than usual. But we have worked to ensure the delivery process would continue to be as frictionless and safe as possible. This has allowed our clients to not only stay afloat, but to thrive.

Contingency Planning

We anticipate moving forward that there will be some ongoing volatility in the supply chain. We’ll need to consider adapting to a “new normal” in some respects. We’re prioritizing our contingency planning, working closely with our customers, drivers and logistics partners to improve visibility, efficiency and safety.

As people begin returning to work and social distancing requirements start lifting, there is likely to be a sizable, industry-wide backlog of commercial driver licensing, medical cards and other business that must be handled. That’s because some federal guidelines had been eased for a time in response to the pandemic, but those won’t continue indefinitely. Our team has worked to stay as current as possible on these requirements – for safety reasons as well as to avoid the scramble of needing to play catch up. We’re staying abreast of all FMCSA updates and guidelines, and adjusting as needed.

We’re also preparing our fleet, partners and staff for the possible fits and starts of shifting consumer demands, as well as the possibility that a second wave of illness could deliver another jolt to supply chains. In some situations, we’re redesigning our transportation networks in real-time – all while carefully supervising the safety and well-being of our drivers.

Diligent Cleaning Procedures

Our team has been vigilant in following CDC guidance safety and hygiene practices. This has included regular deep cleaning and sanitation of trucks and facilities, initiating virus testing protocols and extending paid sick leave to employees who may have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms.

It’s important to us no matter where our team is headed – across municipal and state lines and to the front doors of customers – that we’re fully in compliance with all applicable health and safety guidelines.

Open Communication

We have always been focused on encouraging strong and open communication between our front-line drivers and our leadership. We want our Cleveland trucking company drivers to have both confidence and ease in reporting the conditions they are experiencing and any concerns they have. This allows us to provide additional support (everything from locating parking spaces to medical assistance) and allows us to keep our customers informed as well.

That’s one of the significant benefits our clients have in choosing a trucking company that also provides third-party logistics (3PL) services. They are assured not only care in handling and delivery, but transparency and frequent updates as needed or requested.

The bottom line is that as restrictions ease, regulatory compliance and consumer demand will continue to be a moving target. Customers can count on our Cleveland trucking company to be with them through each leg of the journey – together.

If you have questions about our Cleveland trucking services, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or send us an email.

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