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JOC: 3PLs are Key to Supply Chain Visibility for Ocean Shippers

Smooth supply chains are no happy accident. They require meticulous forecasting, monitoring, adjustment, and communication. Basic tracking won’t cut it if you want to stay competitive, especially if you’re counting on efficiently moving international ocean shipments. It’s a big job, though. Rather than wear that hat themselves, shippers are increasingly entrusting these duties to 3pls (third-party logistics providers).

Shippers need to be able to monitor not just the location of goods throughout the supply chain, but also the status, condition, delays, and arrival time – at ports, CFS stations, on trucks, in warehouses, and last-mile delivery.

Operators of successful Ohio 3pls will tell you they’re in the best position to provide end-to-end visibility data because they already use it in daily operations. 3PL and 4PL providers are always up-to-date on the best visibility technology – as well as the skilled workers needed to operate it. Accurate visibility does more than tell you where something is. Over time and done well, it can yield important data detailing key performance indicators (KPIs) – such as perfect order, cash to cash cycle time, customer order cycle time, fill rate, inventory days of supply, freight bill accuracy, days sales outstanding, inventory turnover, and gross margin return on investment. These operational insights can then be strategically leveraged to make tangible changes that can help improve:

  • Customer service and communication
  • Carrier accountability
  • Minimizing weak links
  • Idling time and emissions
  • Overall supply chain function

Don’t just take our word for it. The Journal of Commerce reported recently that shippers are increasingly eschewing investment internally-operated high-tech applications for supply chain visibility. Instead, they’re tapping 3PLs to do it.

To be done right, supply chain visibility and data has got to be an ongoing top priority – never a one-and-done solution. For a lot of companies, that’s too much direct spending on something that’s outside the scope of regular operations. By turning to 3PLs and 4PLs that bundle shipping visibility into their broader services, shippers can get that essential visibility without having to shoulder all that responsibility themselves.

How Ohio 3PLs & 4PLs Can Enhance Shipper Visibility

Ohio 3PL and 4PL service providers are able to enhance shipper visibility for clients through the use of advanced technologies, streamlined processes, and strategic partnerships.

Among the visibility advantages shippers gain by working with Ohio 3PLs:

  • Advanced technology. 3pls prioritize investment in cutting-edge technology, such as cloud-based transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, and enterprise resource planning software. Systems like these are used to integrate data from numerous sources, in turn providing real-time visibility into everything from inventory levels to shipment status to order fulfillment processes.
  • Track and trace. Ohio 3PLs like On Time Delivery & Warehouse use track-and-trace technology (barcoding, GPS, RFID, etc.) to monitor goods as they move through the supply chain. Our clients (and their customers) get real-time tracking updates and expected delivery times.
  • Data analytics. When you have constant data collection throughout your supply chain, you can analyze that information in ways that provide a comprehensive view of your supply chain. We can tailor the data collected to suit your specific needs. That information can be invaluable in strategic planning and forecasting.
  • Exception management. It’s impossible to predict every supply chain disruption, but 3PLs and 4PLs use exception management systems that will allow for fast identification and resolution of sudden issues. A proactive approach like this can help minimize the impact and downtime of such disruptions.
  • Collaborative platforms. 3PLs and especially 4PLs are supply chain integrators. We’re a central point of contact that brings together the partners and stakeholders, which in turn improves communication and efficiency.

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