Cleveland warehouse devanning

Cleveland Warehouse Devanning Explained

Cleveland warehouse devanning is a critical component of the logistics process that involves removing cargo from sealed containers. This sounds fairly straightforward, but our warehousing and logistics management experts know it’s one of the more demanding aspects of the job. Devanning incorrectly can lead to serious safety risks as well as damaged goods. Proper devanning keeps workers safe, minimizes unnecessary product loss, and keeps supply chains rolling smoothly.

Container devanning is sometimes called unpacking, stripping, deconsolidation, or unstuffing. It typically (but not always) involves goods from international shipping. Containers are received and then carefully unloaded by highly-skilled handlers, often with cranes and forklifts.

It requires not only having an adequate workforce with the right training and equipment needed to physically move the goods, but also professionals with the technical skill required to effectively manage the digital technology to ensure each item in the container is prepped and ready for the next phase. Well-practiced devanning teams spend years developing the most effective approaches to unloading different types, shapes, and sizes of containers, while ensuring maximum efficiency. If you’re looking for Cleveland warehouse devanning, make sure your third-party logistics partner has the ability to receive containers, de-van them, palletize your goods, properly store each item, and then carefully pick, load, and deliver them on demand.

The type of shipment can impact where goods are going to be devanned. In most cases, full container load (FCL) shipments are going to be devanned at the destination warehouse. On the other hand, less-than-container load (LCL) are usually devanned at the Container Freight Station (CFS). On Time Delivery & Warehouse can serve as both.

The Cleveland Warehouse Devanning Process

When containers arrive at our Cleveland warehousing facility, it’s our top priority to ensure full care and attention is paid to getting the goods safely unloaded and stored and then prepped for the next leg of the journey.

Cleveland warehouse devanningWe make sure containers are placed on level ground, that the lighting is adequate, and the workforce is properly trained for safe handling at each touchpoint. Palletized freight devanning services usually require counterbalance forklifts, which have front-protruding forks with no outrigging and rear-wheel turning capabilities to allow for critical stabilization.

Alternatively, there’s dock-level loading. This is when, rather than unloading at the ground level with a counterbalance forklift, we unload at the dock level with a regular forklift. Our loading docks are able to safely and easily receive cargo-loaded trucks. Depending on the type of cargo, dock-level loading can be an easier process.

Finally, some devanning assignments require handballing, a process by which we break down and palletize cargo by hand. Doing so makes it simpler to transport goods to their final destination. It’s laborious and time-consuming, which is why lots of companies contract with third-party logistics companies that are already well-equipped to handle it.

Each of these processes is unique, but one commonality they share is a reliance on time-tested warehouse management systems – cloud-based, customizable software solutions that provide client visibility into each step of devanning and inventory storage. Most goods are going to be racked or block-stacked, ready to be dispatched onward when ordered. Working with a third-party logistics warehousing team that can not only carefully de-van your goods but then timely pick, load, and deliver them helps keep your supply chain running smoothly – which translates to happy customers.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse Offers Single-Stop Logistics Solutions

As Northeast Ohio’s leading logistics team, On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers tailored end-to-end logistics solutions for a broad range of clients operating in and through the Midwest region.

No matter the nature or size of your goods, we ensure each container is handled with the utmost care and appropriate oversight. Professional devanning assures that every other subsequent link in your supply chain is fluid and reliable.

Contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse for devanning and logistics services by calling (440) 826-4630 or send us an email.

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