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Benefits of Small Business Cleveland LTL Shipping With Our Ohio Delivery Team

Tough circumstances can often compel creative action. This was evidenced by the fact that last year, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 4.4 million new small businesses were launched, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Half a million new companies were started in January 2021 alone. Some small business owners in Northeast Ohio may have started out with parcel shipping, but are now smartly considering Cleveland LTL shipping.

Ensuring that goods are delivered in a manner that’s timely but also cost-efficient can be a constant balancing act. If you’re at the point of considering whether to switch from parcel shipping to Cleveland LTL shipping, you’ve hit a marker of success. It’s important to carefully weigh your options.

Let’s be honest: Shipping is expensive. Big parcel shipping firms can have their place, particularly when you’re first starting out. But once you’ve grown to a certain size, they may no longer be as practical, cost-efficient, or responsive as you need. At the same time, you may not be big enough to justify booking entire truckloads to get your goods from Point A to Point B. This is where Cleveland LTL shipping (or less-than-truckload) comes into play.

How Cleveland LTL Can Boost Your Bottom Line

LTL stands for less-than-truckload. Our Cleveland LTL shipping encompasses transportation of freight that doesn’t consume an entire tractor-trailer. That means more than one small business/shipper can have cargo on the same truck.

If your products take up the space of an entire semi truck, that’s a full truckload. If your shipment is smaller than that, items can be shipped with LTL. There are several economic benefits to this streamlined approach for small businesses.

Among them:

  • More options. Cleveland LTL shipping services offer more modes of shipping than other forms of transportation. For instance, you might choose liftgate delivery, delivery notifications, inside pickup and delivery, special handling, and more. These options may not always be on the table with a larger parcel carrier.
  • Improved security. LTL shipping typically involves loading cargo onto pallets or into crates. They’re going to be protected from handling wear-and-tear, residual damage from bumping into other items on the truck. It’s also less likely items are going to get lost.
  • Lower warehousing costs. You’re going to be sending more shipments with LTL. In turn, you aren’t stockpiling as many products at once, which lowers your monthly warehousing expenses.
  • Better shipping rates. You may have noticed that the best shipping rates are reserved for the highest-volume shippers. However, by utilizing LTL arranged by a freight consolidator, even small business owners can get great deals on shipping rates.
  • Quicker delivery times. Oftentimes, LTL shipping is able to help you achieve getting your project where it needs to be faster.
  • More eco-friendly. When shippers share in the space available on a tractor-trailer, that means fewer trips and lower carbon emissions. LTL shipping is often better for the environment than the alternatives.
  • Professional expertise and support. When you work with our Cleveland LTL shipping team, you get the advantage of experienced logistics professionals helping you find the best solutions to streamline your supply chain. LTL shippers and 3pl providers also reduce the chances of unforeseen supply chain problems, but in the event they occur, you know you’re going to have immediate support and accountability.

Again, it’s possible when your business was freshly-launched that you relied on big-name parcel shipment carriers. But as you grow, your small business can run big risks with larger carriers that lack adaptability, accountability, affordability, and responsiveness. Our Ohio delivery professionals at On Time Delivery & Warehouse promise all this and more with our LTL shipping services. We have 53’ & 48’ trailers, 24’ & 26’ Box trucks, and flatbeds, and a dedicated team of supply chain experts. 

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