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Cleveland Truckload Carriers in High Demand as West Coast Supply Chain Bottlenecks Persist

Cleveland truckload carriers moving full trailers have been in especially high demand in recent months, thanks to persistent West Coast supply chain bottlenecks. The Wall Street Journal reports indicators from bellwether transport services foreshadow the likelihood these western port backlogs will drag through the holidays and into 2022. Suppliers and shippers looking to keep down costs may want to consider working with a dedicated 3PL trucking logistics service.

Part of the issue with higher costs is the rush by large retailers to restock inventory (with demand in some sectors up as much as 85 percent this year compared to the same time in 2020). Also factoring are the broader supply chain upheavals affecting the whole country – primarily, shortages of truck drivers, rail workers, and warehousing employees.

Keeping freight and trucking costs down while maintaining efficient logistics operations isn’t a cakewalk, especially when the labor force has been so limited. Meanwhile, consumers are leaning on e-commerce now more than ever, with few sacrificing expectations – including on costs and delivery times.

As longtime Cleveland truckload carriers and warehousing professionals, we understand these challenges and work closely with our customers to help tackle them. Key to our longevity are competitive pricing and low staff turnover, the latter fueled by good pay, attractive benefits packages, and a perpetually positive work environment. Loyal, experienced truck drivers and warehouse workers help us keep customers’ inventory moving as efficiently as possible for the best rates.

Saving on Cleveland Truckload Carriers 

We understand that saving on trucking costs is a top priority for many firms. With that in mind, here are four cost-savers that can often help:

  • Improving internal efficiency. Streamlining logistics operations is one of the best ways to keep transport costs in check. This is especially true when your go-to routes and carriers are pressed by external supply chain factors beyond everyone’s control. Leveraging the services of a third-party logistics team can help save time on rating, booking and tracking orders. You can also eliminate repetitive tasks, lower labor costs and save time that you can then funnel into more important areas of operation. Collectively, this reduces overall expenses.
  • Extending lead time. If you can expand the amount of lead time for full truckload shipments by working a few days in advance, it will help lower shipping costs. This strategy can help you avoid the higher rates that come with unexpected, last-minute capacity fluctuations. Carriers are able to better manage their time and plan effective routes when they know exactly what to expect from you. This is another area where working with a 3PL partner can help.
  • Using integrated digital systems. Elimination of manual entry systems for transport operations is pivotal. The fact is, no matter how tight the ship you run, traditional processes are at heightened risk for human error. A seemingly minor mistake can result in incorrect payment information or weight/quantity on a big order. There just isn’t much room for missteps when you’re running trucking margins this tight. On Time Delivery & Warehouse uses digital transportation management systems that provide automatic communication for transparency and accuracy.
  • Leveraging your volume. Truckload shippers do have some leverage if they are moving substantial volume. Preferred carriers and 3PLs can sometimes offer discount rates, though it may depend on the contents, timeline and consistency of shipping.

As we approach peak shipping season, we recognize the transport challenges our clientele are facing. We will be here, as we have been the last four decades, helping shepherd their goods at the best possible prices to their final destination – intact, on time, every time.

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