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Cleveland Repacking & Coding Services Benefit Warehousing Customers

Each day, billions of packages are prepared and shipped from production plants, over seas and skies, through warehousing, distribution and processing centers and on to their final destinations. For those that cycle through our Northeast Ohio warehouse and distribution center, businesses and their clientele benefit from our expert Cleveland repacking & coding services.

Repacking is a value-added service that allows the contents of packages to be changed or reconfigured so that the end result meets customer expectations. Some examples of repacking goals:

  • To repack a product into your company’s personally-branded packaging, as opposed to sending it in the manufacturer’s packaging.
  • To make adjustments based on unique customer requests.
  • To make a change to any pre-assembled kits.

According to Packaging Digest, the cost of repacking services globally is expected to reach $50 billion by next year. Wrapped up in these expenses are labor, returns, materials, transport and shipping.

Many 3PL warehousing and distribution centers offer some type of repacking, but not all promise the same quality assurance guarantee as the repacking professionals at On Time Delivery & Warehouse. In addition to repacking, we use specialized electronic coding equipment to place product information directly onto the product/packages. Such labeling can include clear sell-by and expiration dates, which must be both clear and readable.

How Cleveland Repacking & Coding Can Reduce Warehouse Costs & Inventory Losses

Supply chain managers have the ultimate goal of developing, implementing, and monitoring the timely receiving, storage, transport, and distribution of products for shipping. This means we must have effective planning strategies for packing and repacking goods, reducing damage risks and avoiding additional costs.

Specialized internal and external packaging can protect the integrity of a product as it continues to move through the distribution chain.

Strong, durable packaging ensures protection from common shipping risks and minimal or no added costs. When packages are easy-to-handle and sized correctly can help minimize inefficiencies and unnecessary waste. And while our team is trained to work with a myriad of repacking materials, we can offer customers recommendations on optimal packaging solutions. Packaging Digest reports that using cases designed with repacking in mind can reduce labor and material costs by as much as 30 percent. Ideal packaging should be able to withstand a broad range of conditions, including fluctuating temperatures, humidity levels, pressure, and jostling.

Repacking strategies that may help reduce your costs:

  • Reducing residual air space (more products can be shipped in fewer containers).
  • Durable larger cartons reused in second-leg trips to destination markets.
  • Reusing distribution center packaging.

Ultimately, you want your product to arrive shelf-ready or ready-to-use. Repacking can help reduce inventory losses due to returns and repairs.

Improved Distribution With Quality Warehouse Repacking and Coding

Packing is more than simply putting something in a box. In logistics, it’s a vital piece of a streamlined supply chain.

Inefficiencies in warehouse repacking can be costly if they aren’t quickly identified or managed. There are many supply chain variables that must be factored, such as tearing, compression, deterioration, etc. Proper packing, repacking and coding can play directly into your shipping costs. The more space-efficient your packaging, the better shipping rates you can expect. This is especially important considering shipping costs are at an all time high, and industry analysts don’t expect them to drop anytime soon.

Our dedicated repacking & coding warehouse team helps improve distribution and customer satisfaction while keeping costs in check.

If you have questions about Northeast Ohio repacking & coding services, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or sending us an email.

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