3PL Helps Optimize Inventory Management in Northeast Ohio

The best inventory management systems go beyond just tracking products and materials.inventory management

Basic warehousing involves overseeing the storage, outflow and receipt of your goods. But even first-rate businesses find it daunting to do so on their own with perfect accuracy. Working with a dedicated Cleveland 3PL warehousing partner can help you meet customer demand and overcome the accuracy and logistical snags that too often trip up otherwise competent companies.

Many Businesses Struggle With Good Inventory Management

A few years ago, researchers at Harvard Business School looked closely at the inaccuracy of inventory management systems. In an empirical analysis of more than 370,000 inventory records at 37 stores managed by one retailer, study authors discovered a stunning 65 percent of inventory records were inaccurate. The study, published by the journal Management Science, identified the top means of streamlining inventory management and reducing errors. These included regular auditing practices and use of cutting-edge inventory software programs that offered real-time monitoring.

The 3PL warehousing and inventory management services offered by On Time Delivery & Warehouse in Cleveland give you these options and more. By having a third party supervise your inventory management and supply chain distribution, you can focus on business development and other critical operation and growth initiatives. 

Finding the Best LTL Shipping Service in Ohio for Your Small Business

For small businesses, a reliable transportation partner is key to successfully scaling operations.

LTL shipping refers to “less than truckload,” meaning the shipment doesn’t require an entire full-sized trailer. Cleveland’s On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers both FTL (full truck load) and LTL shipping, with local pickup and delivery at competitive prices. By moving goods from several different customers on the same truck, LTL shipping options provide a cost-effective method for customers who don’t need an entire rig to fulfill each order. LTL shipping rates are generally determined by class, weight and distance needs.ltl shipping

Beyond lower costs, LTL shipping also helps reduce your carbon footprint and give you a greater variety of services (local pickup and delivery, liftgate deliveries, Haz-Mat certified transport and same-day/ next-day deliveries).

More than 70 percent of all freight (commercial goods transported via air, sea or land) moved in the U.S. goes on trucks, which carry more than 10.4 billions of tons of freight annually, according to the American Trucking Associations. In the coming months and years, the Journal of Commerce reports demand for these services is expected to climb, as the federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate that went into effect in December is raising the bar for loading and unloading speed requirements and necessitating better routing guides. Plus, many large corporations are ramping up “America first” efforts, pushing expansion of U.S. manufacturing activity.  Meanwhile, online retailers are striving to keep pace with faster, cheaper delivery expectations of consumers.

While it’s important for business leaders to understand the challenges and evolving dynamics of LTL shipping in Northeast Ohio, they need not compromise on high expectations for service, quality and pricing.

E-Commerce Rise Shifting Demands to More Efficient 3PL Warehousing

E-commerce is a rapidly-advancing supply chain frontier, driving demand for well-placed public warehousing in Northeast Ohio. But simply providing empty space isn’t enough for many businesses. Effective third-party logistics (3PL) involves a trifecta of quality warehousing, shipping and fulfillment – and it all must be done from a strategically advantageous location. 3PL warehousing and distribution

3PL warehousing and distribution itself isn’t new. It’s a cornerstone business strategy that can streamline the flow of goods through the supply chain by helping you control costs, limit over-stocked inventory and arrange timely transportation. Whether you’re a small start-up company staking a presence or a large firm intent on seizing ripe opportunity in a new area, 3PL warehousing at On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers desirable options for smart scaling of your operations in Cleveland and beyond.

Our 3PL warehousing experts recognize the complexity of fluctuating logistics and will work to help you tailor a public warehousing and distribution plan that fits. Although many companies initially seek public warehousing as a short-term solution, these arrangements often turn into long-term relationships for On Time Delivery & Warehouse. Businesses find our 3PL warehousing and distribution services are not only convenient but key to their ongoing competitive edge.

ATA 2018 Forecast Projects Continued Freight Shipping Growth

Freight shipping – across all modes and volumes – is poised for a boom in the U.S. over the next 10 years, with the volume rising from 15.18 billion tons moved in 2017 to 20.73 billion tons in 2028 – an increase of nearly 37 percent. That’s according to the American Trucking Association’s Forecast to 2028 report, which evaluates existing and projected growth of the U.S. freight transportation industry.freight shipping company

On Time Delivery & Warehouse’s Cleveland freight shipping services are prepared to meet these rising demands. Our responsive, dependable team is always working on ways to streamline, innovate and improve our processes for maximum customer satisfaction. In our experience, the better we understand the unique challenges of our customers, the better we can serve them in the long haul.

The ATA anticipates there will be some freight capacity shortfalls over the next decade, with tightness especially in the arena of freight handling. On Time Delivery & Warehouse leaders carefully monitor market trends, helping us stay ahead of the quality curve with experienced import/ export freight handlers, trailers, box trucks, flat beds and same day/ next day service.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse Ahead of the Curve in Cleveland 3PL Growth

The market for third-party logistics (3PL, or sometimes TPL) in Cleveland and globally is on an upswing, according to recent analysis by researchers at TechNavio.

Cleveland 3PL

For those unfamiliar, third-party logistics and supply chain management is when companies use third-party businesses, like On Time Delivery & Warehouse, to outsource elements of distribution and fulfillment services. A wide range of industries benefit from having a third party involved in the logistics process, which helps reduce cycle times and inventories, lower cost and bolster customer service.

The more companies discovering the profitability of hiring a 3PL, the faster the industry and demand grows. Ohio is considered a prime route for 3PL because of its central Midwest location and easy highway access.

At On Time Delivery & Warehouse (OTDW), our Cleveland 3PL is at the forefront of this growth trend, offering business-to-business operations a reliable means to meet rising consumer demand. We’re not just any Cleveland trucking company or warehouse provider. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient distribution and transloading freight operations. Clients trust us to quickly and carefully load, unload, store and ship their materials and ensure customers receive them punctually and in excellent condition.

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