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Why Truck Drivers Want to Work for Our Cleveland Trucking Company

The culture of a company is important for any worker, but it matters more than you might expect for truck drivers. Despite the many hours they spend solo on-the-road, we’ve found lots of drivers prioritize a company that truly cares for them. In the course of the long-running truck driver shortage, it’s been reported that many drivers move from one Cleveland trucking company to another in search of higher pay, signing bonuses and more miles. Some just want to be able to spend more time at home.

At On Time Delivery & Warehouse, we have long recognized the importance of competitive pay, benefits, and adequate down time. But as a family-owned company, what we’ve also long understood is that while a good salary will get a qualified truck driver in the door, what keeps the best truckers is a tight-knit culture of truly caring. How we treat people day-in and day-out is what really drives career satisfaction among our Northeast Ohio trucking professionals.

That means knowing more about our drivers than their first name and credentials. We respect their professional opinions, understand when major milestones or troubles are happening with their family and celebrate exceptional employees and achievements. Anyone can launch a Cleveland trucking company. What keeps it running for the long-haul is respect for and relationships with your people.

Culture is what differentiates us from any other Cleveland trucking company. It’s the tone and feel from the moment you walk in each day. It can be tough to define, but our drivers, warehouse workers, supervisors and other staffers recognize it – and it’s what translates to top notch service for our clients.

We know that truck drivers historically have had a tough job, especially with extensive regulations, pressure to fill deliveries, increasing freight demands, and long hours on the road. While the demand is still there, the shift to e-commerce – accelerated by the pandemic – has enabled many long-haul truckers to find roles with regular routes that are closer to home. We also maintain open lines of communication with our drivers, and ensure no one feels pressured to shoulder more hours or loads than what’s safe.

We recognize there is more to life than driving a truck and more to people than their title. We strive to help our people strike a healthy balance between work and family, and we’re there for our employees when they need us.

Being a truck driver is a rewarding job, but it’s a career that’s often overlooked because of stubborn misperceptions of what it means to be a trucker. The pandemic underscored for so many Americans what we already know: That this industry is vital to the well-being of this country, and it is full of opportunity.

Benefits for Truckers Hired by Our Cleveland Trucking Company

Among the upsides for the Cleveland truck drivers we’re hiring (Class A and B CLD):

  • Having weekends free.
  • Home daily at reasonable hours (M-F, start between 7-8 a.m. and end between 4-5p.m.).
  • Owners that care about you and your well-being.
  • No overnights/weekends.
  • Paid holidays.
  • Paid vacation after the first year.
  • Retirement benefits that include 401k Match up to 4% after 1 year.
  • Health benefits that are 50% paid for the individual after 90 days.

Class A drivers will operate Freightliner Columbia Day Cabs with 53′ trailers while Class B drivers operate 24′ to 30′ box trucks of various models. We’re looking for those with Hazmat and Tanker endorsements (or willing to acquire them within three months from being hired). Hazmat is a small portion of our business, but having drivers with this certification helps us keep our deliveries moving. The jobs also require truckers who can lift 50-70 pounds and operate a pallet jack up to 1,800 pounds. We also need people with an up-to-date medical card from the Department of Transportation and those with manual transmission experience.

Beyond that, in keeping with the culture of our company, we’re looking for team players who are reliable and helpful and who possess great communication and customer service skills.

Interested candidates can call us Monday through Friday at (440) 826-3646 or fill out an in-person application between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 6675 Eastland Road, Middleburg Heights, OH. 

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