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Outsourcing Ohio Warehousing & Distribution Saves Dollars, Makes Sense

In recent months, logistics industry watchers have seen demand for warehousing close to major ports surge, driven by the tsunami of e-commerce demand and flood of container imports. That’s made it tougher – and more expensive – to find storage space from New York to Los Angeles. Bloomberg reports these demands are unlikely to abate anytime before next year, at the earliest. The good news is many companies may find solutions in working with Ohio warehousing & distribution firms that are strategically located and connected.

Both logistics service providers and real estate companies were quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying the fierce competition for warehousing space near port cities has pushed warehouse costs so high that many companies have been compelled to scour neighboring regions (including in the Midwest) to serve shippers’ needs. Northeast Ohio has long been a prime, strategic hub for warehousing and distribution.

The demand for industrial space – inland and around the ports – is likely only to rise in the coming years. Nationally, it’s accelerated the last few years thanks to the rapid rise of e-commerce, which relies more heavily on Ohio warehousing and distribution versus retail space. Storage space rates in some regions have doubled just in the last year. The pandemic exacerbated that trend, and shows no signs of abating.

If your current, in-house Ohio warehousing and distribution practices are already taxing your time and resources, it may be time to take another look at outsourcing with a Cleveland 3PL. “3PL” stands for “third party logistics.” A dedicated 3PL warehousing provider does more than simply give you a place to store your stuff. It offers opportunity for dynamic companies to access a broad range of supply chain & logistics services and expertise.

Whether you’re operating a small-start up firm and searching for ways to establish a strategic presence in the market or a larger company hoping to seize opportunities in new markets, our 3PL Ohio warehousing & distribution provider offers the tools our partners need to scale efficiently.

In determining if it makes sense to outsource your Ohio warehousing & distribution, consider the following benefits:

  • Flexibility to scale profitably. When you use a 3PL warehousing provider, you gain flexibility to establish and scale your distribution model to meet the demand shifts of your business. That means you can work your way into new markets, services and customer bases. An outsourced Ohio warehousing partner will know how to synchronize your inventory across all levels of your supply chain, ensuring you maintain appropriate stock levels and that your products are optimally positioned. Beyond that, a 3PL makes sure you have a distribution network that’s properly aligned. This allows you to overcome the volatile shifts inevitable in transportation (port and labor issues, driver capacity, fuel prices, natural disasters, etc.). We also offer continual streamlining of operational processes that will help you better deal with shifts in consumer demand, distribution channels and seasonality. All of these areas are tough for companies to manage while also managing their own people, products and sales.
  • Additional supply chain value. On Time Delivery & Warehouse’s value-added services include things like kitting, repackaging and assembly, cross docking, warehouse club packaging, shrink wrapping, inspection and order consolidation. All of these can help streamline your supply chain and help you save significantly in terms of money and costs.
  • Industry expertise. When you work with a third-party Ohio warehousing & distribution service, you are gaining the know-how of logistics experts. That’s going to improve your efficiency and allow you to focus on your core business. We understand how to optimize processes in business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations. We know well the ins and outs of product flows and the requirements of partners and regulators along the supply chain, including offshore manufacturers, distributors, big box retailers, U.S. Customs and more. We’re also continuously improving the processes we have in place to boost productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness. We have in-house warehouse management and transportation systems, electronic data integration capabilities – all of which keep the supply chain connected, visible and efficient.
  • Significant cost savings. This is thanks to many factors, but some we often highlight include removal of waste in an operation, helping choose the right mode and level of service, process automation and prioritization on safety and a positive work environment.

Bottom line is a fully-integrated Ohio warehousing and distribution partner will allow you to more effectively manage your supply chain by providing a road map rooted in flexible solutions to meet your needs, drive down costs and scale as necessary. Our dedicated 3PL customer service professionals are available to help answer your Ohio warehousing & distribution questions and provide requested quotes.

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