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Is Cleveland Outdoor Warehouse Storage a Viable Option for You?

If your company is exploring storage options in a tight warehousing market, you might have luck scouting Cleveland outdoor warehouse opportunities. It’s not going to work for every type of product, but there are definitely certain products that can be stored in the open air – while still remaining secure on the facility campus.

For those who may be new to the concept, outdoor warehousing is when products/goods are sold outside the warehouse walls, but still on the property and under its protection/care.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers up to 5 acres of dedicated Cleveland outdoor warehouse storage space. It’s ideal for large, weather-resistant products that require limited warehouse worker involvement. It can also be a smart solution for temporarily storing containers or trucks. Companies with seasonal inventory fluctuations, as well as those who need to store oversized/irregularly-shaped items (think construction materials, machinery parts, pipes, lumber, etc.) have a better chance of finding adequate storage space without spending a fortune when they opt for outdoor warehouse storage.

It’s an increasingly popular option in a supply chain landscape with record-low warehouse vacancies. As reported late last year by Marketplace, demand for outdoor storage (also known as industrial outdoor storage or open-air storage facilities) has grown substantially as indoor warehouse space availability has shrunk. Many are discovering outdoor warehousing has a number of other advantages.

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Advantages of Cleveland Outdoor Warehouse Space

  • Reduced expenses. Outdoor warehousing can be a very cost-effective alternative to indoor warehouse space. You aren’t paying for climate control systems, lighting, and other infrastructure. That makes it an ideal option for companies looking to lower their storage costs.
  • Spatial flexibility. If your firm has fluctuating inventory levels or sometimes require additional space on a sudden/temporary basis, outdoor storage can be a good choice – especially when indoor warehouse space is limited and costs a premium. You’ll have more flexibility to scale up or down as your capacity needs shift.
  • Ample space. You’re going to pay a premium for indoor storage – especially if you have bulkier items to store. With outdoor warehousing, space requirements aren’t so stringent.
  • Security. Secure facilities are essential for proper storage. Shipping, logistics, and port operations need secure outdoor facilities when they’re preparing containers and other cargo for overseas trade (imports/exports). You want fencing, surveillance cameras, security guards, access control systems – all this helps protect goods from damage or theft. It may be especially important for importers seeking to obtain/maintain federal CTPAT Compliance for overseas shipments.
  • Easier accessibility. Loading, unloading, and inventory management is a lot easier when goods are stored outdoors because vehicles and machinery can maneuver freely to the area.
  • Greater multipurpose versatility. Cleveland outdoor warehouse space can sometimes be used for more than just storage. They can serve as loading/unloading staging areas, workspace for on-site operations, and even assembly for certain industries.
  • Preferred for certain industries. Just as some industries use indoor warehousing because their goods aren’t suited to be kept outdoors, other industries have goods that are better kept outdoors. These can include construction materials, agricultural goods, vehicles, or certain hazardous materials. The open-air and open layout are preferred for these products.
  • Reduced environmental impact. While all warehouses have some impact on the environment, outdoor warehousing tends to have less because it doesn’t require much construction, and there are no heating, cooling, or constant maintenance expenses. (Plus if the logistics industry at some point slows considerably, those open-air storage spaces are easier to repurpose.)

At On Time Delivery & Warehouse, we recognize that warehousing is no longer just “storage.” Our customers benefit from our multi-functional site prepared to serve many purposes and provide an array of options to meet every client’s unique needs warehousing & distribution needs.

For information on Warehousing, Inventory Management, Fulfillment, Distribution, and Trucking Services in Cleveland, Contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or send us an email.

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