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Cleveland 3PL Warehousing Must Evolve With Shifts in Customer Demand

Top-performing businesses have always felt big pressure to earn and maintain superior customer satisfaction. These days, however, they’re faced with the herculean task of doing so while grappling with the aftermath of a global pandemic, long-standing labor shortages, and a seemingly unrelenting stream of supply chain disruptions. The good news is: These challenges too shall pass – eventually. However, some recent changes are part of bigger movements that are likely here to stay. Primarily, these include booming e-commerce sales, high demand for direct-to-consumer deliveries, and robust enforcement of warehouse worker rights. One way to gain an edge on the competition is by working with a dedicated Cleveland 3PL warehousing & distribution company – particularly one with a rock solid reputation and the flexibility to shift amid changing times and customer demands.

Recently, the Logistics Managers Index (which measures U.S. supply chain pressures) rose to a record-high. This reflects not only soaring inflation costs impacting inventory and logistics, but also the waning amount of available warehousing space. Bloomberg reports inventory stockpiles many companies purchased during the pandemic may be contributing. Companies are now holding excess inventory at premium rates, something likely to continue for at least another year. Consumer hesitance driven by inflation appears to be further exacerbating the issue. On the flip side, given the global supply chain tumult of late, many manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers have seen the value of having at least some inventory stockpiled so they aren’t caught short.

In any case, one thing is clear: Whereas warehousing was once considered an afterthought for most companies, it’s now recognized as a critical element in the go-to-market strategy for most firms.

“It’s sort of like the shift we saw with the information technology sector in the early aughts,” explained On Time Delivery & Warehouse CEO Anthony Figliano. “What was once basically a background function quickly became a pivotal part of intraorganizational planning – and for good reason. Today, it’s the warehousing and distribution functions that are increasingly acknowledged as mission critical.

“But of course, that’s been at the core of our wheelhouse from the start, so we’ve always recognized its inherent value. As 3PL partners, we’re as committed as ever to continuing to meet fluctuating demands with both top speed and accuracy.”

Flexibility in Cleveland 3PL Warehousing

We have long held that flexibility and the ability to meet changing demands is a bedrock principle for our team.

Fact is, supply chain needs can change at the drop of a dime. It can get especially tricky with increasing consumer demand for next-day and same-day delivery of goods. Flexible warehousing options with the benefit of labor that is both skilled and efficient is a key advantage of a third-party logistics partner.

Beyond the general principle of flexibility, there’s an actual practice called flexible warehousing. Sometimes referred to as flex warehousing or public warehousing, it involves short-term, on-demand warehousing and distribution services, with the built-in ability to scale up or down, based on volatile demands.

On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers both longer term contracts for those who want the security and assurance of a done-deal AND flexible warehousing options. Our goal is to make sure we’re offering our clients the right kind of support – when and where they need it. As a third-party logistics provider, we can commit our own dedicated workforce, as well as the robust and flexible software, transportation fleet, management systems, and integrated B2B software.

If you have questions about our Northeast Ohio 3PL warehousing & distribution services, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse in Cleveland by calling (440) 826-4630 or sending us an email.

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