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Cleveland Flatbed Trucking Demand & Insights

The demand for Cleveland flatbed trucking and freight has risen substantially in recent years. Typically a service that sees seasonal surges, flatbeds have been a hot ticket item over the last two years, a trend our Ohio trucking experts opine will continue into 2022.

“Flatbed trucks have the capacity to haul a broad range of loads, from raw materials to manufactured goods,” explains On Time Delivery & Warehouse CEO Anthony Figliano. “They’re often relied upon to transport material loads that are bulky and too tricky to lift without heavy machines.” 

As for why requests for Cleveland flatbed trucking services are up so sharply, part of it is the uptick in industries like construction and agriculture that often use flatbed trailers.

Who Uses Cleveland Flatbed Trucking Services?

Flatbed trucks are large trucks (between 48-53 feet long with a 48,000-pound weight capacity) that feature a flattened bed with no roof or walls. Some models have drop decks, and are typically made with a wooden platform supported by a sturdy frame of aluminum.

As an open vehicle, flatbeds are versatile and offer a host of logistics options, particularly when heavier, taller cargo is involved.

You’ll most commonly spot flatbeds in use on highways hauling things like:

  • Machines
  • Steel coils
  • Lumber
  • Long, oversized pipes
  • Bailed tires
  • Highway barriers
  • Tow trucks and other vehicles
  • Bricks
  • Industrial fabric sacks (used for sand, fertilizer, seeds, etc.).
  • Scrap metal

Flatbed trucks are very useful also for cargo that is being shipped or received from overseas. They can be used to move shipping containers, carrying them from inland factors or ports to sea ports, warehouses, etc.

Drivers on our Northeast Ohio trucking team are trained in:

  • Loading. Freight may be loaded with assistance from cranes and forklifts, but the driver needs to ensure loads are balanced over the axels to prevent potential problems.
  • Securing. Regulations handed down by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on cargo securement are stringent. Those transporting heavy materials such as thick steel chains or large machinery have a major responsibility to keep safety first.
  • Tarping. Because flatbed trucks lack a roof or walls, they’re often tarped to protect the goods during transport. There’s more to it than just tossing over a cover. Tarps themselves can weigh 80 pounds or more, and often require the help of a forklift to get the proper placement before anchoring. If those anchors loosen, they must be promptly and firmly reattached.
  • Maneuvering. Flatbeds can be challenging to drive, and require special skill to maneuver through heavy traffic, inclement weather, or around sharp curves.

It’s important when choosing a flatbed trucking company that you pick one with a stellar safety record. This helps protect your cargo and limit liability.

Why Are Flatbed Trucks in Such High Demand? 

Several reasons why the demand for flatbeds is anything but flat. Some include:

  • Rising construction activity. The construction market is slated to grow by $22.5 billion between this year and 2025, climbing by a 4.75 compound annual growth rate. High demand for construction means high demand for materials like lumbar and steel and machines like forklifts and tractors – all of which require unique transport solutions.
  • Increased import demands. High demand for import goods drives demand for flatbeds. According to the latest from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, imports of goods to the U.S. increased by $1.8 billion in October, with imports of goods on a Census basis shooting up $1.9 billion (for a monthly total of nearly $243 billion). The bulk of that was in auto parts, but also consumer materials and industrial materials.
  • Larger goods. Anytime larger goods are being moved routinely, the demand for Northeast Ohio flatbed truck services jump. Things like building materials, aircraft parts, furniture – these often require flatbed truck transport.

If you’re in the market for competitively-priced Cleveland flatbed trucking services, our team at On Time Delivery & Warehouse guarantees your goods are delivered intact, on time, every time.

If you have questions about Cleveland trucking services, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or sending us an email.

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