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Optimizing Cleveland 3PL Warehousing Improves Supply Chain Efficiency

One of the best ways to boost supply chain efficiency – and reduce your costs – is to optimize your warehousing options. On Time Delivery & Warehouse offers Cleveland 3PL warehousing services that are optimized, streamlined and tailored to meet your needs.

Warehouse optimization is a process by which we use the time, space and resources in our warehouse as efficiently as possible through careful planning, automation and improvements in customer experience and satisfaction.

We recognize that the drive for low-cost sourcing, outsourcing, customization and globalization can result in substantial complexities in a supply chain. Companies cannot afford to gloss over warehousing optimization – especially when a single mistake or delay could impact your business’s reputation and revenue stream.

E-commerce has completely upended virtually every supply chain, not only with respect to how customers find what they want but also how those goods make it to customers. Warehousing and fulfillment has largely become decentralized to meet last-mile delivery needs. Cost effective, timely solutions are in demand. Our Cleveland 3PL warehousing team delivers.

Optimized Cleveland 3PL Warehousing Boosts Your Bottom Line

We recognize that optimizing warehousing goes beyond a single solution. It involves critically analyzing multiple aspects of the supply chain, identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks and having the right tools and contacts to formulate effective solutions.

Some important aspects on supply chains in general:

  • Your company’s supply chain is more than just a business function. Think of it instead as a critical business process. The structure of your supply chain can bring substantial value to your firm – or can sink you with losses. It deserves priority.
  • Development of supply chains is largely driven by customer expectations. These have tightened in recent years. If you want a successful customer experience, optimizing your supply chain is paramount – and your warehousing strategy is central to that.
  • Outsourcing warehousing and distribution to a third-party logistics (3PL) company pays for itself. Our Cleveland 3PL warehousing team is hyper-focused on improving efficiency, boosting performance and cutting unnecessary processes. That saves you money AND helps grow your business.

Understand that disorganized, opaque supply chains and ineffective warehousing not only inhibits growth, it hinders your ability to effectively manage the day-to-day. When time is money, you can end up bleeding money when your warehouse isn’t running as smoothly as it could.

It often takes an outside perspective – from dedicated warehousing and inventory experts – to spot problem areas and potential opportunities.

Ultimately, the Cleveland 3PL warehousing team works to:

  • Reduce supply chain costs.
  • Improve responsiveness to consumer needs.
  • Enhance delivery performance.
  • Simplify supply chains.
  • Strengthen the sustainability of supply chains.
  • Improve flexibility with volume.
  • Optimize end-to-end transparency.
  • Mitigate risk spots.

Our customers have seen the proven results of our services, which is why we have such high client satisfaction and retention rates. This is true even when there are dips and deep valleys in the market.

Strategies to Optimize Your Ohio Warehousing Services

There are a number of strategies we use to to optimize warehousing services for our Northeast Ohio clients. These include:

  • Pinpointing areas where technology may help streamline processes. Most experienced supply chain experts will tell you that lack of visibility typically arises as a result of manually-driven processes. You want transparency in your warehousing operations because otherwise it’s uncoordinated – and you’re  operating blind. With the right technology in place, you’ll have more accessible data that will assist with strategic planning.
  • Maintaining strong supplier relationships. Our Cleveland 3PL warehousing team helps with this cohesion by facilitating the receipt, packing, storage and distribution of each item – on time, intact, every time.
  • Reducing warehousing and transportation costs. The cost of acquisition for most products and services is likely only about 25 to 40 percent of your total cost of ownership/consumption. The rest of your costs are likely some combination of operating, warehousing and transportation. As a team that manages not only warehousing but transportation and distribution, we can help you manage fluctuating demands on while still maintaining excellent delivery ratings.
  • Reducing inventory costs. In dynamic markets, it is essential to routinely analyze the quantity of your inventory. As inventory management experts, we know that there can be significant cost associated with holding and storing inventory for extended periods. According to Supply Chain Quarterly, you could be spending up to 60 percent the cost of an item if it is held in inventory for a year. We help our clients  optimize their inventory supply chain by assisting with forecasting and demand planning.
  • Reviewing procedures routinely. A dedicated 3PL will be regularly inspecting your overall supply chain efficiency to ensure compliance with existing policies and procedures as well as reductions of bottlenecks and and identifying areas prime for improvement.
  • Helping with socially responsible and “green” initiatives. As we mentioned in a recent On Time Delivery & Warehouse blog, what is good for the environment is also good for the overall sustainability of the supply chain. Not only that, but being socially and environmentally responsible is an increasing priority with buyers. These values are built into our everyday operations, from reducing idle truck times to prioritizing smarter packing, energy usage and recycling. These in turn can be used as selling points for YOUR clients.

If you have questions about how our Cleveland 3PL warehousing and distribution team at On Time Delivery & Warehouse can help you optimize your supply chain, you can request a quote by emailing us or call us at (440) 826-4630 for an initial consultation.

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