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Cleveland 3PL Services Offer Ways to Go Green – and Save Green

As Cleveland 3PL (third-party logistics) providers, we understand that what’s good for the environment is also good for overall supply chain sustainability. Partnering with a dedicated 3PL provider in itself can help companies make the most of transportation and warehouse capacity while also reducing adverse environmental impacts. That’s because we can streamline processes and resource usage.

Although eco-friendly practices sometimes have a reputation for being pricier and more time-consuming (at least in the short term), the reality is that more sustainable strategies in packaging, warehousing and transportation often have the added benefit of lowering your costs and time investment. Some of the economic goals that improve environmental outcomes include reducing the aggregate distance traveled by each unit, eliminating the unnecessary use of resources, moving inventory faster and being as responsive as possible to customer demand.

The logistics sector in general has long been on the cutting edge of green innovation because economy and efficiency go hand-in-hand with minimizing waste. Companies that nurture a sense of sustainability can often find a great deal of common ground between greater social responsibility and lowered expenses.

Greener Cleveland 3PL Warehousing Practices

In Cleveland warehousing, there are a number of ways a 3PL can help reduce waste and emissions.

We can curtail energy consumption by using LED lighting. We also emphasize recycling of materials like aluminum and plastic wherever possible. Smart scheduling too can help limit a warehouse’s energy consumption. If we cap the number of shifts and overlap them, it can reduce the overall amount of electricity required to get the work done (though we do have to be especially careful about this during the COVID-19 pandemic, when staggered shifts may be preferable to minimize the risk of illness).

In terms of our packaging procedures, we are always looking for ways to pare down dunnage. For those unfamiliar with the term, dunnage is the inexpensive waste material that is used to load and secure items in position for transportation. For some packaged products, it’s necessary to keep some space around it, particularly if it’s fragile or has an irregular shape. Nonetheless, our Cleveland 3PL providers have found that with smarter packing, we can often lower the amount of necessary dunnage and waste.

We’re also mindful about the size of packaging we use. The smaller the box/container, the less cardboard/packing material necessary and the less space it’s going to eat up during transport. Extrapolating that on a larger scale and over time, this can slash the number of trips needed to get your goods delivered. Consolidation of space helps reduce the number of less-than-load (LTL) shipments – already one of the best ways customers can keep their overall freight costs in check.

Greener Transportation Procedures

Greener transportation starts with high-tech communication and transparency. Our Cleveland 3PL is always searching for smarter routing with digital solutions. Trucks can lose a great deal of time idling in peak-hour traffic or waiting for turnaround at inefficient port terminals. As a third-party logistics firm, we’re not only connected to the fastest routes and most efficient partners – we are able to quickly identify and address hiccups. That means we not only help expedite deliveries, we can burn less fuel doing so.

LTL shipping and freight consolidation in general is an excellent solution for environmental sustainability. A single LTL carrier can use one trailer to transport and distribute numerous smaller shipments from several companies in a single day – as opposed to requiring a different, half-empty truck for each trip. That means four or five fewer trucks on the road, which is not only less expensive, but reduces carbon emissions.

Our team is committed to helping you reduce costs, delivery times AND environmental footprint.

If you have questions about our Cleveland 3PL services, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or send us an email.

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