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A insatiable demand for online purchasing (commonly called e-commerce) has altered the landscape of many industries, with direct impact to Cleveland trucking. Businesses have always relied on effective supply chain strategy to satisfy customer demand, reduce delivery times and keep down costs. However, the reason e-commerce is a game-changer is because buyers are increasingly unwilling to trade cost OR speed. Many operations leaders are learning that developing and managing their own Cleveland trucking supply chain solutions is no longer cost-effective. This is especially true with increasing trucking bottlenecks. Cleveland trucking

Although third-party logistics Cleveland trucking companies face the same challenges, the difference is about having network contingencies already in place. A dedicated 3PL has the existing capacity and adaptability on numerous fronts to help clients keep pace. That includes LTL (less-than-truckload) arrangements that allow retailers and business-to-business firms to get goods expediently to their destination, even if there isn’t enough product to ship a full truckload (FTL).

As a longtime Northeast Ohio trucking and logistics firm with solid connections at major ports in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Texas and California, we offer Cleveland trucking P.O.D. (proof of delivery) and invoicing so your team can measure delivery times and dependability, key values of a 3PL trucking partnership.

That kind of transparency is important to our operations too. It allows us the ability to quickly identify where WE can be better and make swift adjustments if necessary. On Time Delivery & Warehouse’s in-depth analyses of service quality is ongoing.

How E-Commerce Is Altering the Cleveland Trucking Scene

Three years ago, a Pew Research Center poll revealed 80 percent of Americans shop online, but nearly 65 percent said they preferred to buy from brick-and-mortar stores. There is an immediate gratification, as well as the opportunity to handle the product in person. Still, price was a significant factor in purchasing too, and the general expectation is: If you buy it online, it’s going to be cheaper. Most don’t expect it to take more than a day or two (if that) and many are growing to expect free shipping, particularly with larger purchases.

The seismic shift to e-commerce as the dominant buying method is well underway. Given that’s it’s expanding at double-digit rates, it’s on track to be No. 1 for sales within the next three years. As of last year, global revenue for online sales was already at nearly $2.9 trillion.

This impact goes far beyond just retailers. At every leg of almost every supply chain, Cleveland trucking companies and shippers are being thrust into making decisive moves to make certain they stay ahead. Companies are altering entire business plans. Some are getting choosier with their equipment investments. Warehouses and distribution centers are being moved to more strategic locations.

Firms that were long successful handling their supply chains in-house are finding that if they want to be stay competitive, they need a new plan. They’ve got to have greater visibility and quick access to on-point inventory and tracking data.

The most recent HRC Retail Advisory report revealed 66 percent of retailers believed multi-channel supply chain data inaccuracies were a “significant problem.”

In the course of operating a longtime Cleveland trucking, warehouse and logistics operation, our team has learned that knowing one’s exact inventory count, location and trajectory is essential to a smooth supply chain.This is critical not just for retailers but business-to-business operations as well.

Third-Party Cleveland Trucking Company Advantages

The majority of corporations handling their own trucking use simple software to help them track data analytics. Some only recently made the switch from manual trucking logs. A 3PL Cleveland trucking firm with an existing higher-quality tracking system helps improve optimization of deliveries, in turn driving down delivery prices.

With advanced tracking and analytics, third-party logistic companies with Cleveland local trucking and long haul LTL capacity can analyze traffic patterns in certain regions and at various times, predicting light traffic hours that will allow for short-term cost reductions we can in turn extend to our customers. They get lower-cost trucking, we fill our capacity. That kind of advantage isn’t available for most companies handling land transport and trucking logistics on their own. In fact, many 3PLs weren’t historically part of the LTL sector of the trucking industry. LTL has been part of our 3PL trucking and warehouse operations in Northeast Ohio for years. That plus a wide ranging fleet of trucks, same-day delivery, lift gate and trailer spotting services illustrates our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Most company owners are aware supply chain is an important operational process. However, if they aren’t specifically dialed into it, with logistics experts constantly evaluating potential inefficiencies and opportunities, they’re missing out. With the global swell of the e-commerce tide rising, and it isn’t a fad.

The amount spent on contracting with a third-party logistics trucking company is largely and consistently offset by these types of advantages.

If you have questions about Cleveland trucking services, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or sending us an email.

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