Smart Shipping Solutions: Ohio 3PL Partnerships an Imperative

Shipping companies around the globe are increasingly concluding that outsourcing with a third-party logistics service isn’t simply a means to ease the workload or save costs. Shippers of all sizes are finding such partnerships essential to carving a competitive advantage in modern markets. A solid partnership with a trusted Ohio 3PL can mean the difference between sink-or-swim for some shippers.Ohio 3PL

Consider recent analysis from supply chain think-tank Armstrong & Associates (published in Supply Chain Management Review) revealing that 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies depend on third-party logistics for key supply chain services. We’re guessing most folks reading here aren’t on that list, but the reason we make note this statistic is because these firms have the means financially to construct strong internal logistics operations – yet each concluded if they want to enhance client satisfaction in an era when same-day service is expected, it’s not worth the investment to optimize logistics on their own. Reality is, their resources and energy are better spent on innovation. They decided the smartest thing they can do is team up with an experienced 3PL team with the ability to act as a positive business extension.

Shipping companies especially can’t overlook at least exploring Ohio 3PL partnerships because of high truck driver turn over and soaring rates of trucking shipments and expenditures are higher than ever – and continuing to climb. This ongoing trend is squeezing all shippers, but smaller ones in particular. They need the savings 3PLs can provide, and are actively seeking freight broker services to secure better rates.

As reliable, cost-effective Ohio 3PL service providers, the shipping team at On Time Delivery & Warehouse agrees with economic forecasts indicating the lines of “peak shopping seasons” are going to begin blurring with everyday sales and shipping demands. Shippers and carriers are going to be expected to meet fast turnaround time deadlines, and they are going to have to work on optimizing capacity.

Advantages of Ohio 3PL Partnerships for Shippers

Keeping pace with an evolving economy and heightened consumer demands means shippers need to be flexible with order changes, time frame adjustments and last-minute delivery address updates. In the Midwest, access to premier Ohio 3PL partnerships that are flexible and responsive are increasingly going to be the standard for shipping companies.

Some of the top advantages of working with a long-time, respected outsourced logistics firm include:

  • Around-the-clock service;
  • Logistics industry expertise (no one can be an expert in every industry);
  • Access to a wide carrier network;
  • Custom solutions.

Shippers can’t afford to break the bank doing it, but negotiations for lower shipping rates at every leg of the supply chain is one of the biggest advantages of working with a well-tested third-party logistics firm. The reality is many small and even mid-sized businesses don’t necessarily have the market power to leverage the best deals.

Realistically, a 3PL partnership may not be something smaller shippers can even afford to avoid for much longer because if we continue to see a surge in rates (entirely reasonable outlook given high turnover of drivers and even higher demands).

Still, at On Time Delivery & Warehouse, we don’t want shippers to view an Ohio 3PL partnership as something of a “necessary evil” they’ve been pressured to accept. Rather, our hope is to be embraced as strategic partners serving as a strong extension of your business.

If you have questions about Ohio 3PL third-party logistics partnerships, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or sending us an email.

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