Ohio kitting assembly

How 3PL Ohio Kitting & Assembly Services Can Save Your Company Coin

Each day, billions of boxes are moved swiftly from production plants to warehouses to final destinations across the globe. Here in Ohio, kitting is a key fulfillment service that allows manufacturers, business-to-business operations and consumer-packaged goods firms to efficiently deliver on time-sensitive parts and products. All of these operations are facing increasingly smaller windows to do so. Bundling related items is one way to improve productivity and drive sales. But kitting, assembly, packaging and repackaging – if you want to do it well – requires a great deal of space, time, labor and oversight. An established, third-party logistics firm with Ohio kitting and assembly services AND warehousing and distribution capabilities can help ensure you meet your goals while keeping costs down.

What is Kitting and Assembly? 

In simple terms, kitting is when a group of materials or parts form a kit that can then be delivered as-is (for easy assembly at its next destination) or assembled here on site. It could be anything from car parts to promotional gift sets. Kitting is sometimes thought of as a smaller aspect of a distribution operation, but enterprising managers learn quickly it’s not something they can overlook if they want to keep their supply chain moving and their customers happy.

Assembly is the process of taking two or more separate components and combining them to make an end item that’s ready for shipment. Some manufacturers have dedicated assembly lines to some products, but not all of them need such an expansive operation full-time.

When you hire our 3PL to handle it, you get the benefit of quality kitting, assembly, packaging and repackaging services that allow you to combine numerous products into a single kit. We can also and relabel, barcode, package, repackage, store, pickup and ship. And you can have all that at a moment’s notice because we can offer these services with both scale and flexibility. We are also available to consult with you on the most logical, efficient way to package your kits to ensure your supply chain is optimized.