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Advantages of Cleveland Warehouse Value Added Services

Savvy business operators are consistently looking for ways to streamline supply chains, get greater value for their products/services, and maximize customer satisfaction. Many have discovered they can reap these rewards when they take advantage of our Cleveland warehouse value added services.

You’ve probably seen the term “value added service” tossed around while only having a vague notion of what it is or how it relates to warehousing and distribution. In short, value added services are those that bring additional value to the end user.

These can be tailored to the specific customer’s needs, and go above and beyond the basic storage and distribution functions typically expected of a warehousing partner. This is key because every customer’s goods and operational model are unique. Warehouses that offer a broad range of value added service options are best equipped to configure the optimal combination of add-ons that are going to reduce supply chain hiccups and related costs.

Examples of Popular Warehouse Value Added Services

Some examples of value added services commonly sought by our Northeast Ohio warehouse customers:

  • Pick and pack. This is a service that involves selecting individual items from inventory and packaging them according to specific customer orders. By streamlining the order fulfillment process, you get faster, more accurate shipping preparation.
  • Labeling and relabeling. A warehouse that provides labeling services can apply/change product labels, barcodes, and other ID marks per compliance regulations and customer requirements.
  • Kitting and assembly. This involves combining various components or products into kits or assemblies. Customers get the benefit of receiving pre-packaged sets that are either ready for sale or further manufacturing processes.
  • Product customization. Repackaging, rebranding, or the addition of personalized touches to meet customer demand are some examples of product customization value added services.
  • Quality control and inspection. Warehouses that can perform inspections and quality checks on incoming/outgoing goods can help ensure they comply with regulatory standards and requirements before they’re moved to the next destination – reducing the risk of sanctions, returns, and potential liability. On Time Delivery & Warehouse has a Centralized Examination Station on site.
  • Inventory management and control. With advanced inventory management systems, we can offer value added services that provide real-time visibility, accuracy in stock counts, demand forecasting, and inventory optimization.
  • Transloading. This is the process of transferring your cargo from one transportation mode to another without unloading the original shipment. Not every Northeast Ohio warehouse facility is equipped to do this, but it’s a good option for shippers hoping to minimize storage costs and take advantage of multiple modes of transport in order to get goods to their destination expediently.
  • Cross docking. This is a service that involves moving goods directly from inbound transportation vehicles to outbound transportation vehicles – in turn minimizing the amount of storage time you need and also facilitating faster order fulfillment.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather a few examples of value added services that may be available from your Northeast Ohio warehousing and distribution partner.

Ultimately, these advantages allow you to provide your customers with a better experience while also minimizing your risk. This is what makes value added service an attractive solution to many businesses looking to bolster their supply chain efficiency and profitability.

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