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Cleveland Warehouse Club Packaging Can Be Key to Success

A deal with a warehouse club store, such as Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club, can mean big things for your business. Getting the packaging right is a top priority. Your company must comply with the wholesale store’s specifications for packaging – or risk losing the partnership. Our Cleveland warehouse club packaging professionals can help.

Having a Cleveland contract packaging team working for you is especially important when you consider that primary wholesale clubs are constantly updating their expectations for supplier packaging. These can include evolving requirements for retail-ready designs, innovation and reduced environmental impact. You need a packaging plan that not only meets the standards, but is adaptable.

Even with the drastic market fluctuations of the last several years, the wholesale industry remains a strong one, raking in nearly $600 billion in a single recent year. According to the Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters 2020 Market Research Report, sales at the 17 major companies in the industry have seen nearly 5 percent growth over the past three years.

Club store models rely on a system of low-cost purchasing, high-volume sales and efficient distribution. To varying degrees, all of these are dependent on product packaging.

If you’re considering selling your product or supplies in bulk through these retailers, you probably already know each has their own rigid rules for packaging and in-store displays. Even smaller warehouse clubs can have a sizable packaging checklist.

There are good reasons for it. For example, in-store items may need to be replenished or relocated quickly and with as little effort as possible. If your product doesn’t meet the pre-approved restrictions imposed on displays or pallets, that poses possible logistical and safety risks to the store’s team members.

Packaging must meet certain structural integrity standards throughout the entire supply chain if it’s going to pass the test. Some wholesale clubs even require packaging plans (particularly display-ready packaging) to be approved prior to production. If trays are required to transport your products, the retailer may require that those trays be “useful in every way.” That means boxes should also be functional for store members to carry purchases out to their cars.

New items aren’t likely to be sold unless they’re strictly compliant with the store’s packaging specifications. Wholesalers make no secret that they conduct random performance compliance audits to ensure packaging meets the outlined specifications. Non-compliant packaging could put your product at risk for deletion. Alternatively, you could be subject to a charge back to reimburse the store for operational and handling costs.

So while your product display needs to be functional and grab the attention of bulk bargain shoppers, the packaging must stay within the store’s guidelines. It’s also got to have unique shelf-presentation, great storability/durability and meet all the convenience criteria for end-users.

Packaging must be more than an afterthought. But manufacturers and suppliers are rightfully more focused on the quality of the product itself. That’s why they leave the packaging to us. Our experienced Cleveland warehouse club packaging crew can help you overcome packaging challenges. We make certain every package is meeting the meticulous standards of the warehouse club or retailor with which you’re working – on time, every time.

In addition to Cleveland warehouse club packaging, we offer:

  • Inspection, assembly and fulfillment
  • Kitting and bagging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Product configuration changes
  • Sorting and labeling
  • Warehousing and distribution

We can help tailor the packaging of your product for hassle-free storage, shipment and sales. We offer custom quotes on contract packaging on request.

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