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How a Cleveland Container Freight Station Keeps Your Goods Moving

Cleveland is a dynamic transportation hub and a vital location for many supply chains. Choosing the right Cleveland container freight station (CFS) for your import and export shipments is crucial to your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Container freight stations are a critical element of any supply chain moving interior point intermodal freight.

The largest users of CFS service companies are typically freight forwarders, though some shippers and other third-party logistics firms rely on us to ensure their customers’ freight gets where it needs to go – intact, on time, every time.

What Does a Cleveland Container Freight Station Do? 

Any business involved in import-export should understand the role of CFS providers. In the simplest terms, a Cleveland container freight station is a huge warehouse where containers are stored. But there is more to it than simply a place where goods are kept. Container freight stations are situated in logistically ideal near ports and key inland distribution cities, often near harbors and airports. Usually, containers are stowed for a short while before continuing on to the next leg of their journey.

A CFS is responsible to maintain ordered goods both safely and securely until such time they are picked up or shipped out. Goods must also be kept properly sorted and ready for the next stop in the supply chain.

At any moment, we have newly-arrived items, those that are ready to be shipped in bulk overseas and those awaiting local pickup. Hazardous and non-hazardous shipments must be stored separately, with hazardous materials sometimes requiring very specific receiving, storage, preparation and shipment processes. There is also managing the handling of containers from the yard to customs inspections, reworking areas, etc. Much of what we do is overseeing the administration and logistics of moving these containers.

We also help prepare cargo that needs to be stuffed into or stripped from the container. Critical technologies like weighbridges, keypads, port hazard systems, transponders, etc. aid with these operations.

Clients and drivers picking up goods or a container from CFS need either a delivery order or customs clearance records.

As a Cleveland container freight station, we also offer not only CFS warehouse services, but also consolidation and deconsolidation of import/export freight, full container loads, less than container loads, block and brace services, product segregation, heavy/oversize load and unload and stack and wrap services. We also offer import air freight services.

Key Benefits of a Dependable CFS Partner

A solid CFS partner is one who is going to lower your yard operations costs and boost your productivity because they offer a high level of automation. They’ll reduce your rework costs by ranking vehicles and get timely reconciliation of assets in the yard. Customers also get the added benefit of covered warranty management so you have better tracking for any repairs and damages during transport.

Our reports and analysis are customized in yard, as well as at the cargo and customer level. These will give you a clear overview of the existing yard status, which helps the process run smoothly and also assists with future planning.

We offer custom quotes to give prospective clients all they need to make an informed choice about the Cleveland CFS partner that will work best for them.

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