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Effective Communication Key in Cleveland Trucking Logistics

Communication is a core component of any successful supply chain in terms of efficiency, security and transparency. Yet a stunning amount of Cleveland trucking logistics firms lack efficient communication solutions.

Trucking and logistics teams are responsible for moving freight across significant distances, sometimes with multiple stops, while collaborating closely with various shippers, warehouse managers and other stakeholders. Team communication is essential to ensuring deliveries arrive when, how and where customers want them. This is increasingly important because orders and shipping windows are growing smaller. Cleveland trucking logistics companies that aren’t adequately communicating – internally and externally – are risking their bottom line and that of their customers.

Poor communication can result in:

  • Wasted time;
  • Loss of money;
  • Ineffective use of resources;
  • Reduced worker morale;
  • Missed innovation opportunities;
  • Unsatisfied customers;
  • Public relations headaches.

It’s easy enough for trucking companies to presume that whatever communication systems they’ve been using for years will continue to work just fine indefinitely. However, as the Cleveland trucking logistics experts at On Time Delivery & Warehouse know, communication inefficiencies can take months or even years to become apparent. That’s why we proactively evaluate our communication systems on a routine basis. We’re committed to making sure that the supply chains for which we are responsible are as transparent and uninterrupted as possible.

Disjointed Communication Across Devices

In a recent survey of more than 400 transportation and logistics companies, more than 90 percent said streamlined integration across devices would help them respond faster during emergencies, quickly respond to customer inquiries and resolve problems and communicate from any device or location. Roughly 80 percent compensate for the lack of an integrated communication solution by carrying numerous devices. Some of these devices pose their own problems (insufficient battery power and gaps in coverage and distracted driving).

Some Cleveland trucking logistics operations have addressed this by adopting things like vehicle tracking and in-vehicle installation of two-way radios. An estimated 70 percent of companies still rely on these, but 3PL firms increasingly need to add more intelligence, evolving from analogue to digital.

Creating open, collaborative lines of communication is a process, and there’s not necessarily an easy way to get there – especially when it comes to trucking.

Truck drivers might spend 8-to-12-hours daily behind the wheel, and we do need to be able to communicate with our drivers, but it’s imperative that whatever means we use are safe. Advances in technology are helping us get better at this. For instance, there are now “push-to-talk” devices that are one-button, two-way radios which allow drivers to push a single button to call or answer voice calls anywhere in the country. This feature can be used to check on stock or warehousing conditions or weigh station statuses anywhere in the country.

Better Cleveland Trucking Logistics Communication Helps Protect Assets

Better communication systems can also include solutions like high-definition cameras. Some models now are even equipped with artificial intelligence that helps logistics operators access control systems that can restrict access to vehicles or certain areas of a facility. These kind of systems help ensure accurate shipping schedules are maintained – and goods are safe.

With high-definition cameras, we can monitor and review activity at any transportation facility. This kind of supply chain transparency is increasingly important for Cleveland trucking and logistics partners, but also for shippers. They need to know someone is not only tracking operations, ensuring shipping schedules are maintained and pinpointing bottlenecks, but also ensuring the surveillance and protection of their investments.

Make sure your Cleveland trucking logistics provider is offering you the same kind of security, transparency and peace of mind. If not, we can help.

If you have questions about our Cleveland trucking logistics operations, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or sending us an email.

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