Cleveland Trucking Services Key to Same-Day Delivery

Three-to-five days used to be the standard for all online order deliveries.  Then “next day service” was unveiled – which was great, but customers knew they were going to pay extra for it. Today though, as our Cleveland trucking services providers are aware, it’s becoming increasingly common for consumers and B2B operations to order items in the morning and expect its doorstep arrival that same afternoon – free. Cleveland trucking services

Cleveland trucking services are at the center of this market evolution. Choosing the right local trucking company to ensure your goods and products reach their destination intact and on-time – whatever that timeline is – is a critical decision. It’s one that has been made even tougher by the truck driver shortage, as well as an ongoing tightening of truck capacity. Although long-distance hauling and freight shipping are unquestionably still important in this industry, same-day shipping will require a trusted local pick-up and delivery.

The American Trucking Associations reports there are approximately 500,000 trucking companies in the U.S. and 3.5 million truck drivers, who collectively move more than 70 percent of the country’s freight by weight. The Cleveland trucking services offered by On Time Delivery & Warehouse are just a small part of this critical cog in the economic wheel, but we’re committed to being out ahead of evolving markets – and that includes with same-day delivery demands. 

Ease of E-Commerce Fueling the Same-Day Trend

Over the course of a year, a study conducted by Walker Sands found approximately half of all online shoppers use one-day shipping and 85 percent use two-day shipping. Approximately one-tenth used same-day shopping, while about two-thirds who purchase numerous products online arrange to pick those items up at a local store.

Same-day delivery is one way supply chain managers can close that deal even faster – combining the convenience of shipping online with the immediate access to a product one gets with brick-and-mortar stores.

Re-thinking fulfillment options has been critical for many businesses hoping stay afloat (or do more than tread water) with the rise of e-commerce. Companies that provide consumers with the most shipping and delivery options tended to get the most business.

Still, very few companies can afford to sign leases on 20 different warehouses or distribution centers, particularly when they run the risk of duplicating inventory. That’s why so many are turning to third-party logistics operations for fulfillment. 3PL firms that can offer integrated services – like local trucking, freight shipping and warehousing will generate the most benefit to businesses.

Strategic Warehousing a Critical Component

In the past, traditional warehousing was typically somewhere in a large, cheap building in a rural setting. Increasingly, we’re seeing a shift. Warehouses are constructed along key shipping routes, and they are equipped with high-tech equipment that aides in picking, packing and inventory tracking. This change has given retailers and other businesses a competitive advantage, particularly when they work with a Cleveland trucking service and 3PL provider that is well-established.

Consider that Amazon currently holds about 70 million square feet of fulfillment center space across the country, and is expanding on services like “Get it Today” that operates seven days a week in a dozen markets. Firms that want to stay competitive can’t overlook their warehousing, shipping and delivery logistics.

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