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7 Upsides to Contracting With a Cleveland Domestic Freight Forwarding Company

Cleveland domestic freight forwarding is an invaluable supply chain service for businesses of all sizes that seek to meet customer demand, expand market reach, and still keep the internal focus on core competencies.

A freight forwarder is basically a third-party logistics business that helps other companies arrange the import and/or export of cargo. In so doing, they often provide critical supply chain management services, such as inland transportation, warehouse storage, document preparation, consolidation/deconsolidation, and customs clearance. Freight forwarding can be done internationally or domestically, depending on where your goods are ultimately ending up.

The particulars can get complicated, but the general idea is that when your business needs goods moved from A to B, you can hire a 3PL freight forwarder, which then maps out the most efficient, cost-effective chain of supply for your operation Freight forwarders can use either their own resources (trucks, drivers, warehouse space, labor, etc.) OR by tap into shipping partner connections.

At On Time Delivery & Warehouse, our experienced freight forwarding team of Cleveland domestic freight handlers assists with loading and unloading cargo and overseeing quality control with meticulous review of goods unloaded/loaded from one vehicle or carrier to the next. We also provide clients with trucking and warehousing services.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, more than 55 million tons of freight – some $54 billion worth – is moved daily in the U.S. transportation system. The largest percentage of shipped goods – 75 percent by both weight and dollar value – is moved within relatively short distances, 250 miles or less. Trucks are the transport mode that moves the most domestically, particularly for shipments moved 1,000-miles-or-less. Domestic freight transport can also involve rail, air freight, or a combination intermodal supply chain resources.

Cleveland freight forwarding company

Top Advantages of Having a Cleveland Domestic Freight Forwarding Partner

For companies that routinely ship high volumes of products, the many advantages of hiring a Cleveland freight forwarding:

  1. Competitive pricing based on needed services. Ohio domestic freight forwarding companies can leverage volume to reduce your costs. As intermediaries, freight forwarders have forged reliable working relationships with multiple shippers. This allows them access to more routes, specialty services, and pricing options, and then quickly strike shipment deals on their behalf. Freight forwarders can also sometimes finagle lower shipping prices through cargo consolidation among numerous customers. A single container can carry multiple customers’ cargo, and they all collectively pay less for it.
  2. Greater shipping flexibility. Shipping domestically and globally is time-consuming, costly, labor-intensive – and at constant risk of last-minute, unexpected changes. Ports experience bottlenecks. Crashes happen on major highways. Blizzards blow through the entire Northern half of the country. Supply chains are always going to be at risk of setbacks like this. Freight forwarding companies can’t shield you entirely, but they can forecast problems on the horizon, identify issues as soon as they crop up, and quickly connect you to alternatives that will minimize the financial impact.
  3. Environmentally safer shipping. Environmentally-conscious companies often opt for freight forwarding to manage their shipping needs. Freight forwarders use space-efficient packing methods, prioritize making the most of less-than-truckload orders, ensure fleets are well-maintained, and aim for route optimization with every single trip – all of which can help reduce the overall number of trips to be made and improve fuel efficiency.
  4. Experience and accountability. Anytime goods are being transported, there’s always the risk something could go wrong. In those scenarios, having a freight forwarding partner with extensive experience and industry knowledge can make a huge difference in maximizing your time and resources and minimizing losses. They are going to be able to identify and secure alternative arrangements. Freight forwarding customers also have a clear line of accountability when things do go sideways.
  5. Real time cargo tracking and transparency. Effective use of cargo tracking technology is key in helping companies – and their customers – manage price predictions, delivery expectations, and operational goals. You need to know “how long will it take for my goods to get there.” Chances are, your freight forwarder is already using advanced tracking technology to give their clients this edge.
  6. Accurate documentation. Documentation is a huge issue for companies shipping freight internationally, but it’s still relevant for Ohio domestic freight forwarding companies. Interstate shipments still need to be accompanied with appropriate documentation, such as the bill of lading (the contract between you and the freight carrier), the freight bill, packing list, and proof of delivery (not required, but beneficial). Any domestic HAZMAT shipments will require additional documentation. Making sure all your paperwork is accurate and in order helps to ensure your domestic freight will arrive intact, on time, every time.
  7. Less hassle. You have an entire business to run. Working with a Cleveland domestic freight forwarding company allows you to keep your focus on what you do best, while we focus on what we do best.

If you have questions about domestic freight forwarding services in Cleveland, our dedicated third-party logistics team at On Time Delivery & Warehouse is here with answers.

For information on Northeast Ohio freight forwarding and freight handling services, Contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or send us an email.

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