ATA 2018 Forecast Projects Continued Freight Shipping Growth

Freight shipping – across all modes and volumes – is poised for a boom in the U.S. over the next 10 years, with the volume rising from 15.18 billion tons moved in 2017 to 20.73 billion tons in 2028 – an increase of nearly 37 percent. That’s according to the American Trucking Association’s Forecast to 2028 report, which evaluates existing and projected growth of the U.S. freight transportation industry.freight shipping company

On Time Delivery & Warehouse’s Cleveland freight shipping services are prepared to meet these rising demands. Our responsive, dependable team is always working on ways to streamline, innovate and improve our processes for maximum customer satisfaction. In our experience, the better we understand the unique challenges of our customers, the better we can serve them in the long haul.

The ATA anticipates there will be some freight capacity shortfalls over the next decade, with tightness especially in the arena of freight handling. On Time Delivery & Warehouse leaders carefully monitor market trends, helping us stay ahead of the quality curve with experienced import/ export freight handlers, trailers, box trucks, flat beds and same day/ next day service.

What’s Driving Freight Shipping Demand Increases?

Goods hauled by truck will climb by an average 3 percent annually over the next five years. The ATA reports this is for both truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping. Large trucks will continue to be the primary freight carrier, with an average of 10.5 billion tons moved each year. However, we also expect rising freight shipping that relies on trains, ships and planes.

There are a few different catalysts for this growth.

First, there is the fact that the U.S. economy and population is growing.  In turn, Ohio freight shipping companies like On Time Delivery & Warehouse are managing more goods for national and international shipping.

Truckload freight is climbing, but LTL freight is rising at an even faster clip because more business-to-business firms are scouring more avenues to efficiently send and receive smaller shipments.

There is also a truck driver shortage, which could reach a deficit of 250,000 over the next two years. Drivers are demanding higher wages, and that means a lot of carriers are squeezed. Autonomous trucking solutions could help address some of this, but it will require substantial upfront capital investment and the technology isn’t fully developed at this juncture. Wholly autonomous self-driving trucks probably won’t be mainstream for at least a decade, but it’s something to watch for.

Finally, we have aging infrastructure and congestion on U.S. roads, one-third of which the American Society of Civil Engineers described as in either poor or mediocre condition. This can lead to delays and lost production. Legislative efforts to tackle these problems are ongoing, but slow-paced. Having a freight shipping company that is dialed in with the most efficient routes will help to save you time and money.

Smart business leaders in Northeast Ohio know that when they can secure a combination of quality packaging and freight shipping from a good 3PL logistics provider, they’ll see faster deliveries, improved customer satisfaction and higher returns.

Qualities of a Reliable Ohio Freight Shipping Service

Just because service demand is higher doesn’t mean you should settle for poor quality from your freight shipper. Getting goods to your customers intact and on-time is essential for your firm’s sustainability and growth. On Time Delivery & Warehouse understands this. If you’re looking for a better freight shipping in Cleveland, you’ll want to carefully compare several key aspects.

Make sure your freight shipping company can offer:

  • Variety of shipping options. Good freight shipping requires an array of shipping choices. If a provider is dependable, they will have numerous selections, allowing you to tailor necessary services to fit your goals.
  • Top quality customer service. The best freight shipping services have immediate access to varying providers, rates and options. Seamless communication and continuous support makes a huge difference, and ultimately has the potential to bolster your bottom line.
  • Technical solutions. With top-quality 3PL software, a trustworthy freight shipper will make easy use and access a main priority.
  • Respected reputation. You want a 3PL freight shipping provider that is transparent, responsive, honors promises and safeguards your privacy.

At On Time Delivery & Warehouse, we want not just your business, but your trust. We work for it. In an era of increasing demands, we deliver it.

If you have questions about Cleveland freight shipping services, contact On Time Delivery & Warehouse by calling (440) 826-4630 or sending us an email.

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